Selling a house in Wetzlar – What you have to pay attention to when selling a house

Before you think about selling your own house in the real estate market, you should always consider the near future, that is the organization and planning calmly approach. For many in Wetzlar a house is not only a roof over your head, your own house is something very special that is not only linked to many stories but also personal memories and emotions and therefore has a personal value for you, therefore take your time with your decision. Don’t rush into anything, whatever the reasons and also causes for selling your house, no matter if it’s the coming children, a new real estate or the love for your partner. Your very own sales goal must be defined in advance in honest consultation with reputable appraisers, brokers, financing bank and craftsmen, therefore inform yourself in detail with experts before creating the exposé and advertisement.

Many letters also ask about the increase in value of real estate in the run-up to the sale, is that possible? So that you can increase the purchase price of your house or condo in the short term, in very many sales, it pays to place value on comparatively tiny details in the run-up to the sale and put a little work and time into the house. Vague information as well as unnecessary pressure are from experience the most influential factors for monetary losses. Therefore, consider all the important parameters so that you can place your house high priced to position your offer next to the competition in the best possible way. Above all, with our knowledge and expertise in the sale of condominiums to commercial real estate, planning and implementation of new large-scale construction projects, I want to give you an overview of what points you need to keep in mind in the planning process, skills in the trade with real estate are also profitable for the future and also capital provision for old age.

Selling real estate and houses is a medium- but also long-term decision with consequences for your future.

  • Optimizing the price with tricks: How do I increase my sales value?
  • Do I need a well-connected real estate agent or should we plan to sell the house privately?
  • How high can I set the purchase price for my house in a good location for a successful sale during the sales talk?
  • What kind of applications and official documents do we need for the house sale?

Mehrfamilienhaus in Wetzlar

Recommendations and expertise for the sale of houses

  • The overall condition of the property and the rooms should appear well maintained
  • Focus highlights and exclusive features of the house
  • High quality photographs of the sample rooms and property
  • The price calculated for the object should be set realistically

Question and answer: The Immo Wiki for sellers

Every day we receive many e-mails but also in conversations on construction sites we encounter many inquiries. Collected over weeks and clearly packaged, you will find the most important questions about real estate sales here.

How do I basically calculate the best purchase price for a property or residential complex in Wetzlar and which factors play a role?

A justified market value stands on your appointment planner clearly on the top position. With must be considered here for numerous influencing factors such as property location (unobstructed view and relaxed area for married couple or also hectic neighbors), social facilities to calculate the property value understandable. Send us your question, so you can find out what possible price you can achieve in the end for your house or townhouse in Wetzlar.

What documents are needed for the planned sale of your property: Development & appraisals

For this purpose, properties such as investment property, condominium, house and land are distinguished just as own documents are important, such as cadastral map, site plans and construction drawings, etc.. Each individual sale of real estate and land is absolutely independent and therefore differentiated in its respective complexity, let us help you, so you definitely have all the details and little things in the overview.

What exactly should I prepare in advance for the first potential buyers and buyer viewing?

All the important documents such as house money account and economic plan should be collected just as the object must be prepared again on a tip top condition. No matter whether you are involved alone or give the task to a real estate agent, everything should be available at the viewing appointment on site.

May defects in the property be concealed from the buyer?

All, really every single one, of the known defects must be communicated to the possible new owner in the sale of the property, no defect, however initially insignificant, may be omitted. We call this deliberate concealment of real damage to the property “fraudulent misrepresentation”. In the end, you will have to stand up straight to repair the now known damages. The cancellation of the purchase is also enforceable in the specific case. One thing is certain, do not be tempted not to mention proven defects that you must point out by law, you must remember this principle for all considerations, whether inherited, divorced or financing another property. Such actions have under guarantee later a legal repercussion and can cause by the many time and the specialist lawyers high subsequent, not calculated claims.


Energy certificate for the sale – Is an energy certificate mandatory for the sale of real estate?

The energy certificate as a paper gives information, which energetic condition of a real estate possesses, that under regulations of the so-called EnEV and/or energy saving regulation. The handing over of the energy certificate to the buyer is definitely necessary for the incontestable sale of your house. over ten thousand Euro. An energy certificate can be filled out for a fee exemplarily with a recognized energy consultant, quite simply.

You have found a buyer! What do you have to do now?

That is, still substantially before the notary appointment it is imperative that the financing of the buyer is credibly secured by the bank to avoid nasty surprises. Subsequently, the paragraphs of the contract for the purchase in Wetzlar are discussed. For example, when should the purchase price be transferred and much more. Notary appointments are usually made by you as the seller. After everything is discussed, you consult the notary, he now writes the draft contract for the purchase which immediately reaches both parties. Legally binding With a signature provided, after reciting by the notary again, the contract is then at your notary in Wetzlar or surrounding area.

What calculable expenses for real estate agent, notary visit, land charge will you have to pay when selling your own home?

The notary as well as land registry costs for the new owner.

Otherwise, the monetary expenses for the cadastral map, the procurement of new documents and floor plans may still be incurred.

Which of us pays the brokerage costs or commission (the seller or buyer)?

There are no fixed regulations in Germany regarding the assumption of costs for brokerage commissions, so as a seller you can define the respective amount yourself. If you want, you could show as a thank you for the profitable conclusion entgegenkommen. The real estate agent commission should be in two halves.

Urban innovation and current purchase prices in Wetzlar

Facts worth knowing about financing and real estate market to the tenants feel comfortable in Wetzlar. With a total area of 75.67 km², Wetzlar has enough space for housing in the city and suburbs currently live and work 52 446 citizens. Residential complexes, apartments as well as affordable housing exemplary for families are in demand with people on every square kilometer of Wetzlar.

Wetzlar housing market: Living in Wetzlar

Buy or rent, where to live in Wetzlar? The Federal Statistical Office published a few days ago current statistics, according to these people live in their own house or townhouse, but also in the personal condominium live spend their day. Whole renting residents, residential communities in Wetzlar have a total of only a small total share of only tenants. thereby live married people and single people in the housing units, according to market analysis of LBS Research. Demand for new construction in the form of capacity-creating residential units on old properties. How high do current studies see this housing shortage trend? Until the year 2020, half of the studies on housing construction of Wetzlar predict new units17% see only new housing in demand and a third assumes Wetzlar units in Wetzlar, annually statistically only new units are completed in Wetzlar. With an investment amount of euros this year.

Should be statistically very satisfied

In Wetzlar all citizens with your own situation and neighbourhood, all the same whether one or multi-family house, are totally happy, from all real estate owners are it whole content persons, which appreciate evenly this neighbourhood and situation, with the residential environment less content are against it only , a similar picture shows up also with tenants, with persons, in comparison with persons the currently less content are. Did you know ready that the vast majority of residents live in a single-family house and in no apartment. In houses for a family live Wetzlarer, in houses with at least two rental parties live respectively people in two-family houses, the famous semi-detached.

In this way Wetzlar is developing today and in the coming years

Purely statistically, the city has many, including young residents, such as young adults aged 21 to 23 years but also some people of advanced age, important for regional investment, such as people over the age of 65 years,growth also in population trends. Wetzlar’s number of residents is growing permanently, from 52,006 people about four years ago, Wetzlar grew by 440 to statistically 52,885.The forecast continues, we are now looking at new demographic trends for the year 2035.

Billions of euros are now in the Wetzlar real estate market

Incredible Euro in cash, according to statistical data basis of the German Bundesbank currently on bank accounts. Even higher financial means, because purely arithmetically euro are put back in real estate business and only euro exist as use assets, would you have thought that? Purely statistically large capital yields are transferred by transactions every twelve months, the extrapolation comes up to billion euro, in the housing new building are spent extrapolated up to billion euro. Modernization is a more and more central topic with up to euro investment, altogether the real estate market generates euro in the year with it.

Living without renting? Private home ownership in Wetzlar

Who actually lives in Wetzlar without having to pay rent? Owners of real estate we have in every age group Let’s look at a two values, according to statistics (empirica) live today toddlers from 0-10 years in houses or condominiums are owned by their families, in the group of the older children, or teenagers, there are a little more. Almost certainly because parents are past the toddler age and working on the career they previously aspired to, now quite a few are buying their house or condo. From 11 – 21 years live in the real estate owned by parents, significantly less are 21-30 years old, they are often looking for new challenges around the world, statistically live from them in their own property. The older, the more likely to acquire their own real estate property. Thus, in the 31-40 year olds are already again and slightly above them, in the 41-50 year olds bring it to . In the group of 51 – 60 years have property and in the 61-70 years bring it still on . The coming part of life spend not quite so many in their own property, residents.

Statistics in Wetzlar

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Own house

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowners in Wetzlar (years) Quantity

empirica / LBS Research (source)


Surrounding Area

Households (persons) today 2035 Difference
more than 5

Source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Change
5 +

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office