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Real Estate Podcasts (Germany) – Learn to Invest on Apple, Spotify, Deezer & Co. You want to expand your real estate know-how and learn about investments, property management and technical terms? Then we have great news for you! We present you the best real estate podcasts that will help you expand your knowledge and accompany you in your everyday life at the same time. And the best part? All podcasts are free and available everywhere there are good podcasts! Tip, you can find good real estate apps here.

“Cash & Flow”: Learning to invest

Aimed specifically at real estate investment beginners like you, the Cash & Flow podcast provides a comprehensive knowledge base. With new episodes regularly, this podcast presents a wealth of information that will help you make informed real estate investing decisions and improve your investment strategies.

Learning to invest: Immerse yourself step by step in the world of successful real estate investment. From choosing the right property to calculating returns and effective property management, all the important topics are covered. Valuable tips and proven strategies will help you realize the full potential of your investments.

Real estate management: A successful real estate investment also requires efficient management. In the “Cash & Flow” podcast, you’ll gain practical insights into how to effectively manage your real estate to generate stable long-term revenue. From tenant management to maintenance to leasing strategies, you’ll learn best practices and practical tips.

Current Topics: In addition to the basics, this podcast also covers current topics in the real estate industry. Stay up to date on new legislative changes and technological innovations such as the heating ban, heat pumps, solar panels and wall boxes. Learn more about trends and developments to stay ahead of the curve on your investments.

Listen to the “Cash & Flow” podcast on the following platforms:

“Real Estate Wiki”: Explained simply and understandably

The podcast “Immobilien Wiki” was specially designed for real estate investment beginners like you, who want to specifically expand their knowledge of technical terms and basics of the real estate world. In this podcast, the most popular and most read articles from the Real Estate Wiki are presented in a short and understandable form.

Popular articles from the real estate wiki: The Real Estate Wiki covers a wide range of real estate terms and information. The Real Estate Wiki podcast selects those articles that are most requested and read by other listeners like you. Focus on the most relevant topics and specifically deepen your understanding of the real estate industry.

Availability: The podcast “Immobilien Wiki” offers you new episodes every day. You can find it for free on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and many others. Whether you’re cleaning up, sitting in the car, or playing sports, you have the opportunity to conveniently expand your knowledge of real estate anytime, anywhere.

Listen to the “Real Estate Wiki” podcast on the following platforms:

Example: Deal Trading(Tipster).

Furthermore, the following podcasts are also recommended:

“L’Immo”: The E&V Podcast

“L’Immo” – The real estate industry is undergoing a transformation. In this podcast, you will hear leading minds talking about challenges, political decisions, approaches to solutions and new developments. Dirk Labusch and Iris Jachertz, editors-in-chief of “immobilienwirtschaft” and “DW Die Wohnungswirtschaft,” ask topical and personal questions. Stay informed about the real estate industry.

Listen to the podcast “L’Immo” on the following platforms:

Example: What the house and the cell phone will have in common in the future.

“immocation Podcast”: The YouTuber

“immocation Podcast” – Want to learn how to successfully build wealth through real estate? Whether it’s as a retirement plan, as a foundation for financial freedom to enable early retirement, or as a full-time career: Learn how to invest in real estate! In this podcast, we share stories from our coaches and community. You can now also listen to selected YouTube series as a podcast and look forward to exciting exclusive content.

Listen to the “immocation Podcast” podcast on the following platforms:

Example: This is how you double the value of your property.

Real estate investment learning

For the past 5 years I have been writing many small and large guides for real estate investment beginners here.

“The Immopreneur Podcast”

“The Immopreneur Podcast” – Are you interested in real estate development and real estate entrepreneurship? Then “The Immopreneur Podcast” is for you! Here you’ll hear first-hand from successful real estate entrepreneurs about how they analyze their projects, close deals, and build their real estate businesses. Whether you’re looking to venture into real estate yourself or simply want to learn more about this exciting field, this podcast will provide you with inspiring stories and valuable insights into the world of real estate entrepreneurs.

Listen to the podcast “The Immopreneur Podcast” on the following platforms:

Example: Renting to Monteuere.

“Immo Insider”

“Immo Insider” – Dive into the world of real estate financing with the podcast “Immo Insider”. Here you will get comprehensive information about different financing options, tips on choosing the right lender and important as

pects you should consider when financing real estate. This podcast is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to successfully finance their real estate projects.

Listen to the Immo Insider podcast on the following platforms:

“Old But Concrete Gold”

“Old But Betongold” – Fabian Fröhlich, who describes himself as a likeable “doer”, gives easy-to-use tips on real estate, investments and entrepreneurship in his podcast. With his hands-on mentality and easy-going manner, he appeals especially to the younger generation who want to start immediately to achieve financial prosperity through clever real estate strategies. Although the podcast has not had any new episodes since 2021, the

old episodes definitely worth listening to and provide valuable knowledge for long-term success.

Listen to the “Old But Betongold” podcast on the following platforms:

“The Landlord Podcast”

“The Landlord Podcast” – This podcast is a valuable resource for all landlords and those interested in getting into the rental property business. It covers all relevant topics related to renting, including legal aspects, leases, tenant selection, tenant management, and optimizing rental income. Whether you are already a landlord or thinking about renting out a property, this podcast will provide you with practical tips and helpful insights to make your rental activities successful.

Listen to the podcast “The Landlord Podcast” on the following platforms:

“Real Estate Investor Podcast”

“Real Estate Investor Podcast” – This podcast focuses on sustainable real estate investing. Here you will learn how to find high-yield properties, which investment strategies are successful, and how to make your real estate portfolio sustainable. The podcast offers valuable insights into the world of sustainable real estate investing.

Listen to the “Real Estate Investor Podcast” podcast on the following platforms:

My recommendations for Apple, Spotify & Co.

Discover the best real estate podcasts and benefit from valuable information and practical tips. Listen to the “Cash & Flow” podcast to improve your investment strategies and the “Immobilien Wiki” podcast to expand your understanding of technical terms. With “immocation” there are strong investor stories from real life and with “L’immo” you also risk a look away from buying and investing.

These podcasts are available for free on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and many others. Use your time effectively and build your real estate know-how step by step!