Occupation: Real estate agent – training, opportunities & salary

Profession: real estate agent – some knew it when they were still in elementary school, and others do not know it yet, when they have already graduated from school and are about to enter the professional life. Choosing a career turns out to be an extremely difficult task for many. This is also no wonder, because there are countless different training professions and courses of study.

Becoming a real estate agent – What you should consider

The first question you have to ask yourself when you are about to choose a career or want to change your career again is whether you want to do an apprenticeship or whether you would rather study. There are many arguments that speak for completing an apprenticeship and also many that reinforce the choice of studying. We have for you for the time being a small pro – con list, which should help you to decide.

Training – What are the arguments in favour?

In-company training is usually divided into a school-based part and a vocational part. There are block models in which you first spend a longer period in school and then a longer period in the company or the other way round or also a model in which you spend half of a week in school and the other half in the company.


  • A lot of work experience
  • Earnings -> faster independent
  • High degree of independence
  • Further training opportunities
  • Chance of being taken on


  • Lower pay (in many cases)
  • Strict regulations

Study – What speaks for it?

A study usually lasts 3 years until the bachelor and you have the option of a master, which usually lasts 1-2 years to attach. The student learns at the university mostly through seminars and lectures. Internships are also integrated into many courses of study.


  • Often good promotion prospects
  • Often high starting salaries
  • Course of studies does not commit to a profession
  • No pressure -> independence


  • Costs
  • No work experience

If you decide you want to complete an apprenticeship, it is important to then narrow down your interests so that it is easier for you to decide on an apprenticeship. Here I will now introduce you to the training profession of real estate agent.

The job description

Real estate agents have a diverse range of activities. They not only buy, sell, rent and lease land and real estate, but they also advise customers on real estate issues, organise and accompany construction projects and also carry out both office work and field service tasks. The everyday life of real estate agents is therefore varied. They not only work in the real estate industry, but also in building societies, in real estate departments of credit institutions or in building management companies. Depending on which company you choose for your apprenticeship, the tasks can vary greatly.

The training

Training as a real estate agent lasts three years. In most cases, the training is divided into an in-company and a school-based part. Before you decide to start this training, you should check whether you have the necessary prerequisites. There is no fixed school-leaving qualification which one must have in order to be able to start this training. Nevertheless, the probability that you will quickly get an apprenticeship is much higher if you have a high school diploma. Math and German should have belonged to your strengths in school, because a real estate agent must be able to deal with numbers and also a good expression is very helpful in this profession. Good real estate agents usually bring a good ability to persuade and a good stamina, because these strengths are very advantageous in the sale of real estate.

The procedure

At school, you will learn theoretical knowledge that will help you in your day-to-day work. Your report book will always accompany you during this training. Among other things, activities and learning progress must be recorded here. In the middle of the training period you will have to take an intermediate examination and at the end you will have to take three written and one oral final examination. As soon as these have been successfully completed, the training is finished and the employer will either offer you a full-time position or terminate your employment relationship.

Promotion opportunities for real estate agents

After completing their training, real estate agents have various opportunities for further professional development. If you would like to continue your education, you have the option of further training to become a business economist for real estate or a specialist in financial consulting. It is also possible to study in some areas as a result of the training. If you have gained sufficient professional experience, self-employment could also be an option for you.

The merit

The salary during the apprenticeship as a real estate agent is staggered. In the first year of training it is around 780 euros gross. In the second year of training, the salary usually increases to approx. 890 euros gross and in the last year of training to approx. 1000 euros. After the apprenticeship, a trained real estate agent can expect to earn between 1800€ and 2400€. As you continue to gain work experience, the starting salary will increase. How high the salary can become at the end depends on various factors, such as the area of responsibility.

If you have discovered the profession of real estate agent for yourself, you can use the website Indeed to search for an apprenticeship. Here, the ads are updated regularly and you can get a little closer to your dream job.