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Now in USA! House + apartment as an investment in Germany – cities, taxes, tips

Lukinski – All real estate tips for Germany, now also available in USA! Are you looking for real estate as an investment in Germany? Learn here the most important things, about real estate in Germany. From basic topics: Buying real estate, valuation of a property or even the sale of a property. Up to special […]

Villa finance abroad: credit, equity and interest effects rental yield + examples

You want to buy a villa in Spain? Whether Mallorca, Marbella or Ibiza, the conditions for real estate financing differ significantly. If you do not buy your villa for 100% personal use, but rent the villa partially or even completely as an investment, then you should know the special conditions in Spain. In addition, I […]

Lukinski Share: Sell property + secure extra share (after renovation / new construction)!

Lukinski Share: With us you can sell your property + get an extra share! Many can’t / won’t afford to renovate / refurbish your property before selling it, or even make it into something completely new. We take care of that for you. By “upgrading” after the sale, we increase the profitability of real estate. […]

Mistakes when buying real estate: self-interest, bad location, resale value & Co!

Mistakes when buying real estate – We have identified for you the biggest mistakes when buying real estate. After all, mistakes cost time and money and cause unnecessary extra effort. Do you want to invest in a house as your first property? Or buy a house in C-location, because it reminds you the facade of […]

Buy existing or new construction? Advantages and disadvantages explained – definition & recommendation

Existing or new construction – When buying real estate, you can choose between two types of real estate: Existing real estate and new construction real estate. Both bring their own advantages and disadvantages. Above all, your personal investment strategy and your personal goals are decisive. Whether you are an owner-occupier or an investor, you can […]

Rental yield explained: build wealth – definition & formula for your yield real estate.

Rental yield explained – You would like to invest in a property as a capital investment and are not yet sure whether such an investment is worthwhile? You would like to buy a yield property and thus build up further assets? Therefore, it is important to always have the gross rental yield in mind when […]

Macro, meso, micro layer: explanation, definition & difference

Macro, meso, micro location – So you want to invest in a property and are aware of your goals? Whether real estate for personal use, as investment or yield real estate – the location is always decisive. Do you now know in which city you will move, it also depends on the neighborhood, as well […]

Real estate location: A-, B-, C-location for house and apartment – definition, example & comparison

Different location types explained – Whether house or dwelling, each buyer pursues its completely individual goals with its real estate search. And the location of the property also depends on these. While A-locations are particularly suitable for investment properties, we recommend B- and C-locations for investment properties. But what exactly do A, B and C […]

Investment real estate or yield real estate? Advantages and disadvantages – investment forms in comparison

Investment property or yield property – both capital investments are popular forms of investment. But what is the difference between a yield property and an investment property? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And how does it affect taxes? We also address the question: Which of the two forms is particularly suitable for the first […]

Real Estate Location: Invest in… – Lukinski Rating / Investment Atlas Germany

Location makes the difference between investments with the aim of yield (direct income, mostly B and C locations) or in an investment property (“speculation” on appreciation, A locations). The current Lukinski Rating 09/21 on the attractiveness of cities in Germany, over 40,000 inhabitants. After that it gets interesting, because we take a look at the […]

Buying your first property: House & apartment as an investment or owner-occupier

Buying property – house purchase or apartment purchase, every week we receive many questions from readers and customers – time for a guide! The entire process from A-Z, with all the tips, formulas, definitions for owner-occupiers (self occupy) and capital investors (buy and rent). Personal goals, criteria for real estate search, quick evaluation, as well […]

Wealth building: Real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency … ?! Capital accumulation with 20, 30, 40 years – tips

Wealth accumulation – When does it make sense to start building wealth through strategically intelligent investment? At 20, 30, 40 or even at 50? Is there a simple formula or tips for investing with good returns? What about risk, depending on the type of investment? Here’s an in-depth look at wealth building, for beginners. Without […]