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Real Estate Calculator: Free, Online, without Excel! Capital investment, yield & Co.

Real Estate Calculator – Free, Online, without Excel! Investment, return & Co. that’s how the future looks like! You are looking for good real estate online calculators that make your investor:in life easier? My new app Immobilien Guru is the solution for you. 8 of my calculators I want to introduce to you here, because […]

Usable space, living space and floor space: difference? This is how it’s simple

Usable space, living space and floor space: what is the difference? – Here you will learn the difference of each area (real estate exposés) and also, a simple “formula” to calculate each area. Important, for example, to calculate the return. No matter whether house or condominium(partial ownership). Learn even more here in the guide: Buying […]

Wealth building: Real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency … ?! Capital accumulation with 20, 30, 40 years – tips

Wealth accumulation – When does it make sense to start building wealth through strategically intelligent investment? At 20, 30, 40 or even at 50? Is there a simple formula or tips for investing with good returns? What about risk, depending on the type of investment? Here’s an in-depth look at wealth building, for beginners. Without […]

Sell property taxes: Apartment, house, land – speculation tax, checklist & more

Taxes when selling real estate – When selling real estate, whether it’s a condo, house, apartment building, commercial property or land, taxes may be due. As you will see in a moment in the tax checklist, there are currently 4 possible tax types, for you as a real estate seller. It’s all about speculation tax, […]

Realtor commission for private purchase: New law (Germany) – seller pays 50%+ of the fee

Many things are extremely regulated in Germany, it was different until now with the realtor commission. Who has to bear the cost of the realtor, was in most cases clear, the buyer of a property. In the new year changes a lot, because for the first time, the distribution of the realtor commission between buyer […]

Sanierung Meaning Explained – Renovation in German Real Estate Market

Germany – What is the meaning of a Sanierung? What’s the difference between a Sanierung and Renovierung? Here, we explain all the details you need to know about renovating real estate in Germany. Renovation of a house means the repair and modernization of the building. Insulation, new heating systems and windows bring the building up […]

Berliner Testament: German Inheritance Law Explained, Amount for Children, Partner + More

Joint Will – In Germany, the Berlin Testament decides on the legal portion of heir. It is an important issue for disinherited relatives, as they still have certain rights to the inheritance. In order to claim this correctly and to fulfill the formalities, however, some things have to be considered. The share always depends on […]

Real estate evaluate: Factors, on-line, free of charge – Flat, house & multi-family house

Property valuation – How can I value a property? The reasons for a valuation are manifold. Property valuation involves large sums of money and all parties are interested in a professional analysis. If the value of your real estate is within the right range, this generates a high demand, which ultimately leads to finding the […]

Valuate apartment: calculate purchase price and sell condominium

Apartment valuation – You have a condominium and want to know what it is worth? Of course you can immediately go to an appraiser and/or real estate agent with this question. However, the exact valuation becomes important at the latest when you want to sell or bequeath the apartment. Even in the case of a […]

Creditworthiness check: Possibilities, buyers, experience and what is being checked?

Checking creditworthiness – One of the most important tasks before every rental is to check the creditworthiness of prospective tenants. As an owner, you naturally want to be sure that there will be no loss of rent in the future and no resulting economic losses for you. If you use a real estate agent, you […]

Follow-up financing: Favorable real estate loan, interest, forecast & full repayment + calculator

Follow-up financing – Will the fixed interest rate for your current real estate loan end soon? Then don’t waste any time when it comes to finding the best follow-up financing. Rely on experts, because they will determine the perfect follow-up financing for you and show you the differences between the possible loan types. Favorable follow-up […]

Mortgage interest rates: Development, building interest rates & calculator free of charge

Mortgage interest – The term mortgage interest is replaced today by the term construction interest. The construction interest rates, or mortgage interest rates decide whether a construction financing is cheap or expensive. Due to the current historically low construction interest rates, you can finance your property very favorably and secure an advantage that has a […]