Calculator – Exact planning of the construction financing

Calculator -Calculators are necessary in relation to construction financing in order to accurately determine the cost of purchasing or renovating a property. A calculator is also used to determine the cost of the loan. The loan costs are made up of the interest and the repayment portion for the current loan amount. The interest plays an important role. Since the term of a real estate loan is usually ten years, the interest payment is spread over a long period. If an offer from a bank is only half a percentage point cheaper in their interest, you can already save several hundred euros a year. This is also due to the high loan amounts, which for most construction financing a six-digit amount. Before taking out a loan, an individual consultation is important. Often the construction financing consists of several pillars and not just a single loan. A building savings contract, equity capital and development loans come before taking out the classic bank loan. The reason for this is that these financings are significantly cheaper than the bank loan in terms of their costs. The calculator helps you to divide the financing into different elements and thus determine the costs with certainty.

Different calculators for individual needs

When calculating a construction loan, different tools are used. It always depends on what values you want to determine. Just having construction financing is not enough in terms of calculations. Before you take over the property, it is important that you know the cost of maintenance. Unlike a tenant, as a homeowner you are solely responsible for paying the utilities. This does not take the form of a payment on account, but you pay the bills individually to the energy suppliers, the city or municipality and to the chimney sweep. Further costs arise from charges to waste cleaning, winter service and street cleaning.

Costs and fees

Specifically, the costs and fees you have to pay as a homeowner can vary greatly. There are cities and municipalities in which the individual homeowner does not have to pay any costs for cleaning the streets and roads or for winter services. Usually, this is only the case with private roads. Find out in advance what the monthly utility costs will be. Also include in your calculation the fees that do not accrue monthly, but annually, semi-annually or quarterly. Together with the loan, the service charges make up the total amount for running the house. This is then equal to the warm rent for an apartment or house that is not owned. Interest calculators and repayment calculators, but also household calculators and budget calculators help you to keep a very good and realistic overview of your finances even before you move into your own house.

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Do not neglect incidental purchase costs

With the purchase price of the house you have not yet acquired ownership. Every real estate purchase comes with ancillary costs that you should be aware of and factor into your construction financing. These ancillary costs include the estate agent’s fees, the land transfer tax and the costs for the notary. Further costs may be incurred if you need interim financing and have to pay the loan costs at the same time as your rent. In addition, as a builder, you are required to take out insurance. Also calculate the basic completion of the garden into your construction financing. This includes the creation of paths, a patio and a lawn. The garden plot should be levelled in advance. Many builders neglect these costs and initially have no money to complete the garden project after the build is finished. This leads to annoyances as soon as the house is occupied and to a reduced quality of living.

The same applies to the purchase of kitchen furniture, bathroom furnishings and home insulation. Time and again it is noticeable that builders who have calculated too tightly initially forgo the exterior insulation. For houses that are built using solid construction methods, the insulation is only installed as the completion of the exterior work. You should never forgo this measure because the building can take lasting damage from damp. In addition, there are regulations for new buildings in terms of energy efficiency. It is imperative that you comply with these regulations. Otherwise, you may be denied approval for the house during the building inspection, and you may not receive subsidies.

Set priorities correctly

Kitchen and bathroom are rooms that you need every day. Don’t forgo finishing them for lack of money, because this also means a lack of living quality. Rather calculate a little cheaper and use the calculator to determine your savings potential.
If you have realistically calculated the total costs for the construction in advance and the construction financing has been placed on a secure foundation, you will have no problems bearing the financing. In addition, you can completely finish the construction before moving in because the individual works have been well calculated and financially secured. This is the right way to get a good start in life as a property owner.

All calculators at a glance

Below we provide a listing of calculators that can help you calculate the cost of construction financing and the ongoing cost of maintaining the home. Take advantage of the opportunities to calculate all costs and fees in advance. This is an important basis for a solid construction financing that you can carry for years or decades:

Offer comparison calculator

Use a quote comparison calculator to determine which financing is the most favorable for you. The calculator lists the loan amount, the interest and the costs incurred and presents the total amount. In addition, you can find out about the monthly instalments that are due depending on the term. Learn more about the offer comparison calculator.

Budget calculator

A budget calculator should be used at the beginning of any home financing by the builder. It determines the budget that is available to you for the construction financing. The basis for the calculation is your income, the equity that you bring with you and the personal contribution that you plan. At the end of the calculation is a monthly rate that you can safely afford. From this rate you then determine the price you can pay for the purchase of a property. All about the budget calculator.

Budget calculator

The budget calculator is an important element that is not only used in the context of buying real estate. You have the possibility to compare all income and expenses. In this way, you can find out whether you can pay the loan from your income in addition to the running costs. Find out everything about the budget calculator.

Incidental purchase cost calculator

Incidental purchase costs are an important factor in construction financing. They are quickly underestimated by builders. Since they can amount to a five-figure sum depending on the location and size of the property, they should definitely be calculated in from the outset. The ancillary purchase costs calculator helps you to calculate the costs exactly. More information on the ancillary purchase costs calculator.

Rent calculator

You use a rent calculator if you can rent out all or part of a property that you own. Use the local rent to find out what amount you can demand from your tenant. You can also use the rent calculator to find out the service charge percentage. Everything about the rent calculator.

Repayment calculator

If you have taken out a traditional bank loan or a subsidised loan as part of your construction financing, you pay monthly instalments. These consist of the interest and the repayment of the loan. With the repayment calculator, you can determine what amount you pay off per year. The ratio of interest and repayment shifts over the years, because the interest is always calculated on the outstanding amount. At the beginning of the term, the share of interest is very high. This reverses month by month in favor of the repayment. However, the rate you pay to the bank always remains the same. Find out all about the repayment calculator.

Interest calculator

Use the interest calculator to determine the cost of construction financing. It will help you to choose a low-cost financing. Even a small difference in the interest rate by a few percentage points behind the decimal point can amount to several hundred euros per year over the term of the loan. You can save these if you have determined the costs with an interest calculator and decide on a favourable offer. More information about the interest calculator.