Luxury Real Estates / Property Los Angeles: Beach house, condo, villa up to $38 million

Luxury Real Estates / Property Los Angeles – LA is mentioned in the same breath as the mega cities of the world. The real estate market is correspondingly hot. Houses, condominiums, penthouses: If you are looking for a good property to use, rent or invest in, you need knowledge of the building fabric, location and interior design. Hermès, Fendi, marble, art. A trustworthy estate agent with recommendation, indispensable. High-tech industry such as Google, Amazon & Co. is driving up rents not only in Silicon Valley. There are also musicians, actors, stars and politicians. Welcome to LA – the city of angels. Here you will always find new properties in LA Downtown, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills to Long Beach.

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Los Angeles City and Hills

California is so strong, it would be among the top 10 nations in the world. Los Angeles and California are therefore among the most popular areas in the world. Especially popular are of course Beverly Hills and the world famous Hollywood Hills, only a few minutes away by helicopter. Direct access to the ocean, harbour facilities and services for boats, yachts & Co. But much more important is the vibrant city itself. If you are in LA for the first time, you will feel the real American feeling: freedom, serenity. Sunshine almost all year round, fresh breezes from the ocean, exclusive restaurants and an entertainment program that you can only find in cities like New York or London. We will take you to the City of Angels and show you the latest objects. From small luxury apartments for the business man or woman to luxurious estates with 1.000 square feet and more! These can help decide if you want to buy an apartment in L.A. or buy a house in L.A.

Los Angeles City Urban area

Beverly Hills estate – $38 million

Beverly Hills estate – $38 million including 150 million year old dinosaur skeletons.

  • Price: $38 million
    Price in Euro: €34.25 million
    Price in pounds: £28.78 million
  • Highlight 1: 150 million year old dinosaur skeletons
  • Highlight 2: 80m long, rimless swimming pool
  • Location: Beverly Hills
  • Inside area in square meters: 12.500
    Square meters (m²): 1,161
  • Outside area in square meters: 10.000
    Square meters (m²): 929

Location and address: 1300 Beverly Estate Drive

Hollywood with 2-level glass pool – $35 million

Pure luxury above the rooftops of LA. This $35 million Hollywood property is currently on the market. Right in the Hollywood Hills, just off the Sunset Strip. 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and over 14.000 sqm (1.300 m²) of space. All this rounded off by an exclusive glass swimming pool on 2 levels.

An additional highlight of the villa is a $50.000 cryochamber. The cryochamber is used to rejuvenate skin cells, while the swim-up bar at the glass pool is perfect for guests and their well-being. You have to see this fully automatic (modern technology) and luxurious smart home to believe it. In the video you can see how impressive the architecture is.

  • Price: $35.0 million
    Price in Euro: €31.55 million
    Price in Pounds: £26.51 million
  • Highlight: Glass swimming pool on 2 levels
  • Equipment: 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms alone
  • Location: Hollywood Hills
  • Address: 1369 Londonderry Place
  • Area in square meters: 14.000
    Square meters (m²): 1,301

Location and address: 1369 Londonderry Place

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