House selling procedure: The 9+ important steps for Esslingen am Neckar

Private sale or better with real estate agent? Optimal house sale in Esslingen am Neckar: News always reach us in the morning but also in personal conversations on various building sites and in new buildings we encounter many inquiries. We have collected and clearly packed the basic questions on the subject of selling a property here.

Make an appointment with the real estate agent to calculate the value of your house

First and foremost, it is important for you to achieve the optimal price for an idyllic property in the countryside, a villa in the suburbs or a cozy apartment house. Acquire the knowledge described here and further, necessary knowledge in the sale of housesKnowledge about Esslingen am Neckar and the surrounding region, if you want to save time, contact us simply via telephone and contact form. All the know-how in the sale of real estate and in the determination of the value described here will help you. If you do not want to go to all the trouble, write to our real estate team.

Next on your list is: Documents, forms , bills and receipts. Read here relevant for sale and valuation of the need numerous, important documents, this includes, for example, development of the house and deeds. Our tip, present your home with good photographs. So that your buyers can make themselves in the truest sense of the word much better of the object already online. The, the made photos should always have a good resolution for example 1400×1000 pixels.

Haus verkaufen in Esslingen am Neckar

Next, turn around: You definitely need to set a realistic amount for your property or apartment in Esslingen am Neckar. Different more or less relevant influencing factors such as age, defects, type of house, quality of construction, location of the object, that plays a role in the realistic price calculation of a house, important is not how much you had once paid yourself for your house in Esslingen am Neckar. as at all times dominate above all demand and supply of houses the desired purchase price. You should take this into consideration. Demand and supply of houses on the current market determine the purchase price that one of your prospective buyers will pay In fact, any appraisal means a lot of time for research, which you must have, for private individuals it clearly becomes quite cumbersome to determine the property value bindingly. That’s when our professionals’ quick appraisal is the recommendation for you and your family.

Prepare an exposé for your currently vacant property in Esslingen am Neckar

Think of your own search behavior, if you were looking for an apartment in Esslingen am Neckar, already at the quick overview of the description decides for the majority of potential buyers, whether actually interest in buying is generated or not. As is almost always the case, our very first impression counts, so the effort for an appealing advertisement pays off. You know yourself as an owner, sometimes even as a former resident, best. In the advertisement and/or Exposè of the house everything must have been taken up with, as well as , garden, garage or extras of the property. The best sales area provide the ImmobilienPortal but of course also the regional newspaperin Esslingen am Neckar and then it is called wait, comes your property?

Next on your to-do list is: Receiving inquiries. First reactions to the current real estate offer are in the mailbox, your agent takes the inquiries for you daily, exclusively then, if still questions of prospective buyers arise, he or she takes up personal contact with you.

Arrange viewing appointments. The excitement intensifies, so that your property is sold best very quickly and successfully, your agent organizes every day viewing appointments with prospective buyers, should you so wish, he takes over every conversation, but you can also be in the conversation.

Before your purchase contract: credit check of new buyers

If you should sell your house with property, you sell with a broker, because this one the proven solvency after house inspection and the examination of window, stairway, house entrance, etc. immediately by information is checked.

Next on the list comes with: Notary visit and conclusion of the purchase contract.The final formalities of the purchase contract, but also all the subsequent negotiations with the new owners of your home, makes the real estate specialist. The notarized purchase contract is formulated and prepared by your seller in cooperation with your appointed notary for you and the buyer. For a notarization, going to the notary is standard, at the notary both sides sign the contract, so far so good, because with your signature and the signature of the buyer, the property is officially changed, so you are left with only final steps for home sellers.

Your next step: Then, after the land register entry (the so-called priority notice of conveyance), the pre-negotiated sales price will be settled by means of bank registration. Your supervising notary now carries out the entry in the land register, for which the notary also has a priority notice of conveyance entered. The official document ensures for example a danger exclusion of double sales to several buyers, as soon as the new owner may transfer contractual sales price on your account standing in the contract, your notary informs it, afterwards you should check your account balance for the receipt of payment.


Now comes: Settle bills from house broker and notary. Instruct as a seller subsequently the payment settlement of your real estate agent and notary costs services engaged by you, immediately after the desired conclusion of the purchase contract with your notary.

Payment of the designated real estate transfer tax

. If there is less than a full 10 years between the purchase and sale, you will have to pay tax on the capital gain of the sale. Solidarity surcharge and church tax are added on top of that, of course there are exceptions. For example, if the owner has lived in the property himself for more than 3 years]36 months and never rented it out, but who has lived in his house for more than three years himself and did not rent it out, will be exempt from capital gains tax.

Condominiums, houses and new buildings in Esslingen am Neckar – structures and costs

Figures from Current prices for apartments, detached houses and also building land in Esslingen am Neckar to 67,775 happy tenants. Esslingen am Neckar currently has 92,186 residents, from north to south on 46.43 KM², making Esslingen am Neckar among the important domestic cities, Esslingen am Neckar isnot far from Baden-Württemberg’s state capital Esslingen am Neckar. With 1985 people per sqm, affordable housing is naturally scarce.

Housing and new construction demand in the future

The Federal Office for Statistics published this year current statistics, purely statistically 35,805 people live in a house, terraced house or apartment building, which is conveniently owned, 5,669 are proud owners of a condominium. In addition, there are 44,627 people who live in a rented apartment. Only 6,075 live in shared apartments. Of these, 54,390 are married and 37,796 are single. Need for new construction on old building land. Until 2020, 50% of the surveys of Esslingen am Neckar forecast new units, only 33% of 27,935, only about 17% come to a new construction demand of 39,109 completed apartments, currently statistically only extrapolated 258 housing units are built, invested a whole 3,571,900,213.33 euros.

75,989 satisfied owners in Esslingen am Neckar

The people in Esslingen am Neckar are mostly happy where they live. Among the property owners there are many, namely 75,989 satisfied people who appreciate their own living environment, against only 16,197 dissatisfied, a whole 59,792 more. Also among the tenants in Esslingen am Neckar there is a lot of satisfaction with 67,775 people who like living here, compared to 24,411 people who are unhappy despite renovation and modernization. Did you know that the vast majority of citizens live in a single-family home, not in apartment buildings, in houses for one family live 48,274 Esslingen am Neckarer, so significantly more than in houses with more than two families, here live 28,646 or 14,297 people in houses for two parties, the well-known semi-detached.

This is how Esslingen am Neckar is developing today and in the future

The city has statistically many, including young residents, such as 3,392 young adults aged 21 to 23 years and some older residents, such as 16,142 people aged over 65 yearsYou can also see increases in the population trend.The trend continues unchanged, already in four years, about 95,233 citizens will need space to live, additional 3,047 people, we now focus on current prospects in the next fifteen years.

Financing and real estate market in Esslingen am Neckar

The investment capital is really high, stately 562,166,989 euros in liquid assets, according to statistical calculation bases of the Bundesbank on accounts. Even significantly more, because purely arithmetically 0.6 billion euros are tied up in real estate, have you calculated with the amount of annually? Statistically considered alone by purchases and sales and/or real estate transactions each year extremely large amounts are converted, the estimate goes high on 8.442.673.231,52 euro, in the building of dwellings at the same time extrapolated up to 3.571.900.213,33 euro are spent. Modernization has been an increasingly standard issue for years, with up to 4.2 billion euros spent on the installation of new technologies. In total, the real estate market in Esslingen am Neckar thus transfers 16.2 billion euros every 12 months.

Who is currently living rent free? Private home ownership

How exactly are distributed , who fortunately lives rent-free? Let’s look at two concrete values, according to statistics (empirica) now 3,877 toddlers from 0 – 10 years live in real estate that belongs to their family, in the group of teenagers it is slightly more. Presumably due to survived toddler phase and the inferential fact that at least one parent is more involved in job and company, not a few now buy the first property, from 11 to 21 years live 4,801 in their own home. By some downward it goes with the 21 – 30 year olds, in this age group live statistically 1,050 persons rent-free. The older the inhabitants, the more likely they are to own their own property, so there are 3,980 among the 31-40 year olds and even as many as 6,883 among those currently between 41 and 50 years of age. 6,302 Esslingen am Neckar residents between 51 and 60 years of age own their own property. With the 61 – 70 year old residents, it still brings it to 4,814, because the quiet retirement no longer spend so many in their own home, 2,983 people.

Demography for Esslingen am Neckar

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 35.805
Apartment 5.669
Rent 44.627
Shared apartment 6.075

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowners in Esslingen am Neckar (age) Quantity
0-10 3.877
11-21 4.801
21-30 1.050
31-40 3.980
41-50 6.883
51-60 6.302
61-70 4.814
71-80 2.983

Statistical source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households (persons) today 2035 Difference
1 37.796 40.562 2.766
2 31.343 33.187 1.844
3 11.062 9.219 -1.844
4 8.297 7.375 -922
5 + 2.766 2.673 -92

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Esslingen on the Neckar

Households / persons today 2035 Growth
1 48.859 51.624 2.766
2 26.734 25.812 -922
3 8.297 7.375 -922
4 5.531 5.439 -92
5 + 1.844 1.659 -184

Data source: Federal Statistical Office