Change of encumbrance in connection with the property

Change of encumbrance – When a purchaser buys a property, not only does the benefit of the property pass to him, but also the encumbrances. The encumbrances include all outstanding payment obligations related to the property. These encumbrances can come about privately or under public law. A public burden refers, among other things, to the property tax of the real estate and a private burden refers, for example, to the building insurance.

Change of encumbrance at a glance: Assumption of encumbrances when acquiring a property

  • After the purchase of a property, not only the benefits pass to the purchaser, but also the burdens
  • Encumbrances: outstanding payment obligations in connection with the property
  • Encumbrances can come about privately, or also under public law
  • Public burden: e.g. property tax of the real estate
  • Private load: e.g. buildings insurance

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