Real Estate Magazines: Online Magazine & Home Subscription

Real Estate Magazines – Are you looking for a suitable real estate newspaper or magazine that covers topics such as dealing with heirs, divorces and foreclosures related to real estate? We have picked out the best real estate newspapers for you and found out what topics they cover. While you can’t read all of the magazines online, applying for a subscription is possible with many of them. If you are not sure if the magazine is worth a subscription, you can buy a single copy in the shop.

Real estate magazines – The right magazine for your interests

When you have found the right magazine that serves your interests, you have the option of taking out a subscription. A subscription has the advantage that you don’t have to rely on an internet connection, as you do when reading on your smartphone, and you can also save a lot of money if you see a subscription as an alternative to buying the latest copy in the shop every time. Whether you’re on the train, at the doctor’s office, or at a government office, you can always make good use of your time and read your magazine on a real estate topic.

Lukinski – Your house sale

Your house sale is a real estate portal where specialists and real estate agents provide you with free information about real estate. On this website you can expect daily news in the categories house sale, inheritance, divorce, financing, service and news. If you are looking for information on topics related to real estate, then you have come to the right place, because the content is so varied that you are guaranteed to find the right article to your interest.

Immobilien Zeitung: Trade journal for the real estate industry

The Immobilien Zeitung is a trade newspaper for the real estate industry. You can not only buy the trade magazine in the store, but you can also read it comfortably online on your way to work or on your way home. The trade newspaper is always published on Thursdays and also has new news on the news page on the internet every day. The real estate newspaper is of interest to many people. Whether you are looking to sell your own property, are attending a foreclosure auction, or are simply a real estate agent who wants to learn more about the current real estate industry, the Real Estate Newspaper has a lot of interesting information. You can get the basic package for Immobilien Zeitung for as little as €27.50 a month. This package includes 50 issues per year, a daily industry newsletter and access to the news portal IZ.DE.

House building – new building & building in prefabricated construction method

The magazine Hausbau deals with the topics of new construction and building in prefabricated construction. Readers succeed in evaluating manufacturers and houses by reading this magazine. Articles illustrated with pictures report on house tests and comparisons. Much of the content consists of features and advice articles. If you buy this magazine in the shop, you pay 4,80€ per piece. The subscription price is 28,80€, which includes 6 issues.

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Building. – Architecture, Ecology & Technology

If you are in the situation to build a property, this magazine should be just right for you. You can buy this magazine for 3,50€ in the shop. For only 21,00€ you can take out a subscription for this magazine if you notice that you are particularly interested in this topic. This magazine also deals with architecture, ecology, technology, money and law. The magazine is published every two months.

The Real Estate – Land, House & Housing Management

The magazine “Das Grundeigentum”, which is published twice a month, reports on the entire property, house and housing industry. This magazine focuses primarily on the cities of Brandenburg and Berlin and is considered the most traditional German trade journal in its field. All topics related to real estate are reported on here. If you are interested in real estate for a longer period of time, this magazine could be just the right thing for you. The annual subscription costs 175€.

The house – furnishing, garden design & repairs

The House is an online magazine that is free and covers topics related to real estate. Since it is accessible on the laptop, on the tablet and also on the smartphone, you can read when and where you want. This magazine gives tips on home decor, landscaping and repairs. For this reason, this magazine is of interest to everyone. Everyone comes to the time when they could use some good tips on one of the topics. After all, not everyone comes up with the right decorating ideas for the garden or every single room right away. If it is not enough for you to read the information online and you would rather have 10 issues delivered to your home in one year, you have the option of taking out a subscription. For one issue you pay a price of 1,20€ and in addition you receive a desired premium, such as a wall clock.

If you can’t decide or are still unsure which is the right journal for you, it might be worth taking a look at the free online magazines. Although not all of these magazines offer a free online version, you can still get a first impression of the magazines that do.