SEO & Photoshop – Duplicate Stock Photos! Cheap and free: Video Tutorial

SEO and Photoshop don’t belong together for many, but you can (as I show in the video) collect new customers by Google image search. The whole thing, practically free of charge. The problem: Stock photos are legally secure (if purchased with license), but expensive. Alternatives like Unsplash are free but not legally secure because the source of the upload does not necessarily have to be the author: Warning Danger! So here’s a little SEO Live Hack from our agency: Duplicate Stock Photos! Pretty cheap, because all duplicates are free. In the video tutorial I will show you how to make 12, 13 or 14 different photos directly from 1 photo.

Advantage for search engine and range

  1. Images are also relevant for the algorithm of Google, Yandex, Duck Duck Go Go & Co. See you also in the video, at the topic Google Shopping over the image search
  2. Your Blog Roll (Overview) is much more diverse, because you can use more different photos
  3. Save cash money: because you need much less photos

Youtube Tutorial: SEO & Photoshop – Duplicate Stock Photos

The language of the video is GERMAN. But please take a few on it, you will understand the meaning and steps quick, just by watching it.

In the video I show you the following simple and understandable steps

  1. Strecken and reposition
  2. Mirror
  3. Angle
  4. Color / Light / Black & White
  5. File renaming with keywords

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