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11 Tips – What to Consider for a House Viewing

Viewing appointment – You have been looking for a new property for a long time. Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich, a house for the family because the apartment is simply too small for everyone, a new apartment because you want to move in with your partner or simply a move to a new city. When […]

Animals (neighbourhood law) in the neighbourhood as a subject of dispute

Animals (neighbourhood law) – The keeping of animals is a socially adequate behaviour, which is naturally connected with noises and thus to be accepted with regard to the requirement of neighbourly consideration. If the attitude of an animal leads to unreasonable impairments of the neighbours, the border is exceeded there. This includes, on the one […]

Winter clearing obligation as traffic safety

Winter clearing obligation – The winter clearing obligation is the obligation to ensure traffic safety in snowy and icy conditions in order to prevent accidents. This obligation exists for every resident on a road, driveway or sidewalk. If in doubt, you should seek advice from an expert body, as there are extensive regulations and legal […]

Renting real estate: Lease, cost, guide, agent, commission, ….

Renting real estate – Whether it is an apartment or a house, anyone who wants to rent a property should make some preliminary considerations and inform themselves in advance about the rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord. The following tips from the real estate agency Lukinski – Ihr Hausverkauf will provide you […]

Children (neighbourhood law), what to consider

Children (neighbourhood law) – Children make noise, which is a natural and normal form of expression of their urge to move, communicate and play. Accordingly, children also enjoy certain freedoms in neighbourhood law. When neighbours complain about noise, in most cases a decision is made in favour of the children, as their behaviour may not […]

Rent increase

Rent increase – The increase of the rent can have different reasons. For example, the landlord has the right to increase the rent if he wants to carry out modernisation measures or to adjust it to a general rent increase. However, the rent may only be increased 15 months after the last rent increase at […]

Rent an apartment in the desired city: guide, procedure, prices, …

Renting an apartment – From the search for a suitable rental apartment to the rental contract, to the tenancy law and the return of the old apartment – when renting an apartment you have to consider a lot. You can find out here what rights and obligations you have as a tenant. Rent an apartment […]

Selling property in Prenzlauer Berg (Berlin): Costs, sale and procedure – Tips

Selling property in Prenzlauer Berg – selling an apartment, apartment building or your own property. In the most populated administrative district of Pankow is the district of Prenzlauer Berg. It is a family-friendly neighborhood where young families can build a cozy and peaceful life. Thus, the cozy place to live is in no way inferior […]

Landlord’s certificate, landlord’s confirmation – contents, deadlines and possible fines

Landlord certificate, landlord confirmation – If you move into an apartment or a house, the so-called landlord certificate is always an important issue that should be considered to avoid unnecessary costs. It was introduced due to a large number of so-called bogus addresses, which were often used for criminal activities. Landlord certificate – What you […]

Warm rent to cover all ancillary costs

Warm rent – In addition to the cold rent, the warm rent also includes the warm operating costs. The warm operating costs include the heating and hot water costs of a household, and thus also the maintenance work of the heating and chimney sweep costs. The tenant pays these costs to the landlord, who transfers […]

Gross rent

Gross rent – Gross rent is when all ancillary costs for a rented property are directly included in the rent and no further costs are incurred. A distinction is made between the gross warm rent and the gross cold rent. In the case of the warm rent, all operating costs are included, whereas in the […]

Real estate portal Berlin: Real estate search made easy – Our favourites

Finding a property in Berlin, whether a house or an apartment is not so easy. We have found some very good websites for you, where you could find your dream apartment or your dream house. Find property in Berlin – Find your dream apartment Apartments and houses are in high demand in the capital of […]