Pets for Tenants – Dog, Cat & Sloth

Pets – Whether animals may be kept in the apartment is not regulated across the board. Small animals such as fish, guinea pigs or budgies are generally always allowed. A clause in the rental agreement for the prohibition of pets in general is not permissible. Whether you want to keep a cat to cuddle or a more unusual pet such as a sloth as a real exotic, this is not a problem in the first place. However, if the pets are a nuisance or pose a danger to other residents, the landlord may prohibit them. Basically, as a tenant, you should consult with the landlord to avoid conflicts. When keeping such exotic animals as the sloth, the question arises: Which animals are pets at all? The rough definition here is that a pet is an animal that can be kept within a normal household. In the case of unusual animals such as the sloth, there are special regulations and keeping requirements in each individual case.

Pets at a glance

  • Small animals may always be kept
  • Animals like dogs & cats basically allowed, can be banned
  • Always consult with landlord

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