Youtube and Gema agree on licensing agreement – fair deal for musicians and authors

Youtube is free! No more Gema blocking for music videos in Germany. Youtube and Gema sign a contract that finally removes the blocking boards for German users. A real sensation! For many years we have seen on many music videos …. nothing. Now the two camps have agreed on a deal.

Fair is fair: royalties for musicians on Youtube

Who would have expected this? The two ‘giants’ have been battling it out in court for years over a deal for music owners and creators. The reasoning since then has also been strong. Youtube says that as a streaming platform it merely allows users to share content, Youtube itself does not provide the content, thus is not liable to pay.

Some say so, others say so! That’s why German users only saw a red blocking panel for years. Whenever Youtube users on the social network wanted to watch a music video by one of their favorite artists, the not-so-popular red block panel would come up. Why? For copyright reasons, the videos are not available. Because by law, fees must be paid to Gema for broadcasting music tracks. Among them are countless popular music videos that were previously inaccessible. This in turn finances (in addition to the Gema) the various artists. A good system in my opinion.

Now the collecting society for music rights (Gema) and the largest video portal in the world (Youtube) have concluded a licensing agreement. A real milestone, because this means that the creators will also share in the revenues. Google, the owner of the video streaming portal Youtube, has been making rich profits every year by broadcasting advertisements to its visitors.

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Where are ads placed in Youtube videos?

First of all, every user is free to monetize their videos. Youtube offers this option for people with many subscribers. This is also how youtubers, bloggers and influencers finance themselves. The advertising revenue is updated daily and motivates users to produce more videos of better quality.

The advertisements are then possible on different slots. It can be banners in the video, which point to new products or brands at the bottom of the video. The user is also offered the option to pre-record videos of other companies. The user can skip them after five seconds at the earliest. With every click, advertising revenue is generated. Youtube earns a lot in the end for referring advertising partners and people with high reach.

I think it’s a great deal that gives everyone a good platform to push music streaming in Germany. No one has to go through the hassle of trying to watch videos anymore. Artists can build a fanbase easier. Win win!

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