Wunderkynd – French Kiss

Summer hit? Wunderkynd finally releases “Zungenkuss”! With his new music project, the exceptional musician from Cologne proves how multifaceted you can be as a creative person in the music industry. The attention to detail is quickly noticeable, from guitar riffs to the very atmospheric, almost intoxicating video, which was specially shot in LA (USA). Now the time has come and the video for the single is released! And it immediately feels like 30°C, summer and sun. This song has potential for the summer has. You can also find it at Amazon & Co. Therefore, we are very happy to present here today as one of the first, the new video. Ladies & Gentleman, “French Kiss”:


Summer song! Wunderkynd. French Kiss

Video premiere, to the kiss of Wunderkynd

With the new video “Zungenkuss” Wunderkynd already releases a second single from the now released debut “Damenrad”. If you are wondering who Wunderkynd actually is, the answer quickly becomes clear when you hear the name Banjo. For years in the music business Banjo surprises with a new look and a new style: Wunderkynd. With his new project Wunderkynd the direction is turned around 180 degrees. Instead of hiphop, there are now guitars and basslines, self-recorded from the first snare to the drum. You can hear that in the new band, they show how to do German, smooth rock for the summer right! With “Zungenkuss” Wunderkynd can definitely land the summer song for the year 2015.

Today, the first of May, it is released, the single “Zungenkuss” and the EP of WUNDERKYND: “Damenrad”.

“French Kiss” and “Lady’s Wheel” can be found on Amazon & Co.

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See for yourself, on Wunderkynd – the new video