Simple and safe: Selling a house in Rheine and the surrounding area

Do I need a real estate agent or should we do the sale of the house or townhouse privately? For the sale of a property, here we have the various questions that reach me and my staff in the company, as well as in my daily life on in or directly on construction sites.

In the beginning, it’s all about: Calculating the value of your home: the initial meetings and appointments with your realtor. First, selling a home is about being able to achieve the highest pricefor antique half-timbered house, townhome and energy-efficient prefabricated house . Acquire the necessary know-how in the real estate market and. If you want to save yourself a lot of irreversible time, write to our team and they will support you with the necessary know-how in the real estate market and knowledge about Rheine and its region. If you do not want to spend so much effort, contact us totally uncomplicated via e-mail and telephone.

The new task: receipts, documents and invoices. Here we have everything important for the sale and valuation of the property. The floor plan of the rooms & energy certificate are, for example, documents to be obtained, which you must definitely have ready. Our expert tip, initiate your home with good photographs. With it so prospective customers can make themselves a much more realistic impression. Your, your edited photos need to show your property or townhouse in the most favorable light. After all, you want to give something away.


The list continues with the point: A value in euros must be determined.Different small or large details that cannot be influenced, such as age, room sizes, location, every detail plays an inevitable role in the sales price calculation, if everything is to work smoothly later, it counts here not in the first place, what purchase price you yourself had once invested in the personal past for the house. Supply and demand of real estate on the current market dominate the value. However, the large proportion of demand and supply of real estate dominate the targeted value that a prospective buyer will spend, this you have to thank with Yes, any appraisal means a lot of diligence you have to have, for private individuals, of course, it will be difficult to accurately determine the market value.

Your next step: Have an offer developed for your currently empty property.Already when skimming the description decides whether immediate attention is aroused or not, the effort for an appealing ad pays off. Besides, as a still owner you know all the details. Therefore, make sure that any extras find their place in the exposé of your property, including swimming pool, garden use, extras of the property or . The greatest chances of success are provided by the larger real estate portals and, of course, the reliable local newspaper in Rheine, and then it’s a case of wait and see. Does your house arrive at observers of the listing?

Manage queries from interested parties

With a first-class exposé perfectly prepared by the expert, including representative galleries, the establishment of contact is then often quite fast and your agent already has the first questions. If you have hired a real estate agent for the project, he or she will take all the reactions, only if questions come in, he or she will contact you.

Selling like professionals, next on your sales planin Rheine: arranging viewing appointments with your possible prospects and carrying them out.With each passing hour, the excitement intensifies. So that you your real estate in the ideal case simply and successfully is mediated, an agent decides each morning new dates for the inspection with persons interested in the kind and situation of your real estate, should you want, he or she makes each individual date alone. Of course, owners may also be present, always also ensure that visitors find your house in the best overall condition.

Now follows: Check the buying power of the prospective buyer. Your prospective buyer would like to purchase the property after a viewing appointment? Your real estate agent now obtains financial information from him to check whether he could afford your house at all, so you have no defaults later.

Continue to the notary appointment and conclusion of the notarized purchase contract

All details of the contract, as well as the necessary negotiations, are led by the real estate professional of trust, the notarial contract is formulated and prepared by your expert in cooperation with your notary office in a draft, for a certification a notary appointment is a mustSeller and buyer of the property sign the purchase contract, so far so good, because thus the property is officially sold, so only a few challenges remain.

Next comes: Transfer of the real estate purchase price to the owner after entry in the land register, or also conveyance notice. Your notary then enters the land register entry but also the so-called Auflassungsvormerkung, it prevents a possible multiple sale, your notary gives the buyer the OK, immediately when he or the bank can pay the price to your bank, check whether the purchase amount is received on the own account.

Verkauf besiegeln

Next on your todo list comes with the topic: Pending bills of notary and house broker pay. Your house in Rheine is fixed sold, now the penultimate invoice amount for your called real estate agent and notary is still outstanding. Your payment to notary and real estate agent should send out afterwards to the notary appointment, they get for the transfer separate invoices, from notary and real estate agent.

Rheine (North Rhine-Westphalia) is home to 75,338 residents, making it a potential home buyer. The list continues with: Transfer of calculated real estate transfer tax.At the done sale of a home, tax on the capital gain of the sale can accrue, whenever between the private sale and sale of your home is less than 10 years, the generally levied solidarity surcharge and church tax will then be charged in addition. However, there are also exceptions, for example if the property owner has lived in the property or in the condominium himself for more than 3 years and has never rented. However, if you can prove that you have lived in your house for more than 3 years and have not rented it out, you do not have to pay any tax on your capital gains.

Demographics and the housing market in Rheine

From That costs a single m² apartments, terraced homes and also building plots to residential property. In Rheine live and work at present Rheine thousand people, from south to north on 145 square kilometers. Rheine ranks thereby with the large cities in country, besides Rheine lies in North Rhine-Westphalia and not far from the state capital Duesseldorf. Terraced houses, flats are in demand with 520 people on every undeveloped and built-up square kilometre of Rheine.

Current studies on the current real estate and housing market in Rheine

The Federal Office for Statistics collected a few days ago values, according to these 29,261 inhabitants live in a house, such as the owner-occupied house, terraced houses and multi-family houses, which is in the own possession. 4,633 are proud owners of a condominium and 36,471 renters. 44,449 people live in marriage and 30,889 are currently single in the regional apartments and houses, according to LBS Research. Therefore one sees compelling need for action with the topic new building. The housing need is really high, new studies assume 27,396 new homes17% see only 31,962 new homes in need and a good third assumes Rheine units in Rheine, currently only 211 new units are built statistically. Invested are after all 2.9 billion euros.

Rheine’s districts are well received

Here in Rheine all citizens are overall happy in their homes, of the owners there are a whole 62,101 happy people who like their own living environment, against only 13,237 not satisfied, a whole 48,864 more, but also among tenants in Rheine you can feel the good feeling with 55,388 inhabitants. Already knew? The vast majority of citizens live in a single-family house and not in an apartment. In a single-family house live 39,451 Rheineer, so clearly more than in apartment buildings, there live 23,410 or 11,684 people in houses for two families, the popular semi-detached house.

In this way Rheine is developing today and in the coming years

Rheine has some young inhabitants, for example 595 babies under one year, , 2,772 children from 1-5 years but also many older citizens, such as 3,978 inhabitants aged 50-64 years. What will the next few years bring? Rheine is growing permanently, from 74,706 fellow citizens barely four years ago, Rheine increased by an often incomprehensible 632 to a statistical 75,968. The long-term forecast continues into the future. Let us now switch to today’s forecasts in the next 20 years in Rheine.

523,530,611 euros are invested in the regional real estate market

A whole 0.5 billion euros in cash assets are slumbering in bank accounts or under mattresses. Much higher financial means, about 523,530,611 Euros are deposited in real estate. Statistically seen by purchases and sales or so-called transactions annually very high capital yields are transferred, the projection goes up to 6,899,682,336.97 euro, in the same period in the housing construction 2,919,096,373.33 euro were transferred, whole 3.4 billion euro are invested at present annually into the modernization, altogether the market for real estates moves thereby 13,268,619,878.79 euro in the year.

Living without paying rent? Home ownership in Rheine

How many people actually live in Rheine without having to pay rent? According to a survey by empirica, 3,169 children up to the age of 10 live in apartments or houses owned by their families. In the group of young people there are slightly more, also because the parents have strengthened the toddler age and are involved in the profession, some are now buying their first, own property. From 11 to 21 years, 3,924 live in the property of their dear parents. Then the curve collapses, with 21 – 30 years, they travel and are often looking for challenges Europe-wide, only 858 live in their own property. The older, the more likely residents are now to get into owning their own property. So it is with the 31 – 40 year olds 3,252 and with the people between 41 and 50 years bring it to 5,625, in the group of 51 – 60 years live 5,150 Rheineer in their own four walls. Among the 61 to 70 year olds there are statistically 3,934. The next part of life is spent less in the house or apartment, only 2,438.

Demography in Rheine

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 29.261
Apartment 4.633
Apartment for rent 36.471
WG 4.965

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership (age) Quantity
0-10 3.169
11-21 3.924
21-30 858
31-40 3.252
41-50 5.625
51-60 5.150
61-70 3.934
71-80 2.438

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Difference
1 30.889 33.149 2.260
2 25.615 27.122 1.507
3 9.041 7.534 -1.507
4 6.780 6.027 -753
5+ 2.260 2.185 -75

Data source: Federal Statistical Office


Households / persons today 2035 Growth
1 39.929 42.189 2.260
2 21.848 21.095 -753
3 6.780 6.027 -753
4 4.520 4.445 -75
5 + 1.507 1.356 -151

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office