Simple and safe – selling a house in Bad Kreuznach and the surrounding area

There are many reasons for selling a property in the spa town of Bad Kreuznach. Bad Kreuznach is located in Rhineland-Palatinate and is an important cultural and economic centre of the region. The roots of the city go back to the 5th century before our era. A settlement of the Celts is documented and Bad Kreuznach also played an important role in Roman times. If you own residential property in Bad Kreuznach and would like to leave the city for professional or personal reasons, the sale of the property will be on your agenda. Even in the case of a property inheritance that you do not want to use yourself or rent out, the sale can prove to be a good solution. In the course of a divorce and the equalization of gains, if the property becomes too small after the addition to the family or if a financial bottleneck promotes the thought of a sale, you should proceed with caution as an owner in Bad Kreuznach. An effective home or apartment purchase at a realistic price is possible when you hire a real estate expert like Lukinski. Your investment is well spent and ensures that you avoid cost traps and sell the property in a short period of time.

High demand for real estate in Bad Kreuznach – Sell your house or apartment privately?

Property sellers in Bad Kreuznach are currently benefiting from immense demand for residential property. On the other hand, there is a low supply of condominiums, land and houses. From this point of view, selling a house should not pose any major challenges, owners find, and tend towards private sales in their considerations. Those who sell their property without the assistance of a real estate agent should plan the preparation of the offer and the handling of the sale concretely. Calculating the cost factor also proves to be an advantage and gives knowledge about how much the expenses of selling a house are for private owners. From a financial point of view, determining the fair market value is the biggest item on the list to sell property. Nevertheless, no owner should do without a valuation for the apartment or house in Bad Kreuznach. The fact is that a property sale based on gut feeling or the naming of the ideal value often ends in an overvaluation and the associated consequences. By foregoing a valuation, a sale can be prolonged or high losses can be incurred due to a too low sales price. Another important factor is the time spent obtaining documents, preparing the synopsis, answering questions and conducting site visits. If you want to sell professionally and save a lot of time, spare your nerves and not lose money unnecessarily, a real estate agent from Bad Kreuznach is the best choice. Lukinski offers full service for owners and is an accomplished partner when it comes to house sales or apartment sales. With many years of experience and core competence, we take on all tasks that arise in the context of marketing your property and lead to the successful conclusion of the sale.

Pitfalls in the sale of real estate by the owner

Owners who sell privately, cherish this train of thought primarily with the objective of a saving. But exactly in this thought already lies a mistake that can cost you dearly and lead you into a cost trap. Far from the time you invest in the house sale or the sale of the condominium, there are some financial expenses. To present professional offers, you need a valuation and the energy certificate required by law. You place numerous advertisements, with different fees in each real estate portal. And if you want your exposé to be target group-oriented and professional, you will need the services of a copywriter and a photographer, for example. The sum of these costs is more than you would need to spend to hire a local real estate agency. To reduce costs, some owners forgo the fair market value appraisal and use comparative prices of properties in similar locations or even the price they paid themselves at the time of purchase as a basis. Emotional attachments such as childhood memories or starting a family and raising children in the home can also stand in the way of a neutral appraisal. When it comes to selling your property, you should rely solely on facts and not your gut feeling. As part of the sales process, you need to check the creditworthiness of the prospective buyer, make an appointment with the notary and report on all factors and defects in the property. You should be able to provide proof of invoices for renovation work that has been carried out and show the buyer documents such as the extract from the land register. A small faux pas, a forgotten document or a piece of information that seems unimportant to you can prevent the contract from being concluded and can have legal consequences for you. Owners can avoid this stress and nervous strain by choosing a real estate agency and professional house or apartment sales.

The offer price – a sum of many factors

In connection with the determination of the offer price, the valuation becomes important. Contrary to the widespread thesis that the market value is based on the sole value of the property, it includes a variety of other influencing factors. For the determination of the market value, data on the location, the size of the property and the plot, the equipment and the infrastructural integration are used. A detailed market analysis carried out by the real estate expert excludes the possibility that the house or condominium is offered above or below the real market value. If the property is overvalued, the sale is drawn out and leads to complex negotiations with potential buyers. You will have to allow for an immense amount of time before your property changes hands and the contract is finalized. It’s also not uncommon to have too low a valuation if you base it solely on the property and disregard the other relevant data, including the coherence of supply and demand. If you offer the house below the real value, high losses are pre-programmed and the satisfaction after the conclusion of the contract remains absent. A neutrally determined and fact-based offer price ensures your serious performance and is a basis when it comes to the profitable and safe sale of real estate in Bad Kreuznach.

Selling rented houses and apartments: here competence is of particular importance!

Are you the owner of a condominium, an apartment building with existing tenants or would you like to sell your home in which an existing granny flat is rented out? In these cases, but also in the case of contractual agreements on lifelong residential rights, you should refrain from a private sale. For investors, fully rented houses and condominiums are quite interesting. The prerequisite for this is that the management and maintenance costs are visibly lower than the return through rental income. If you are the owner of an apartment in a jointly managed complex or multi-owner complex, you cannot determine the new owner on your own. In this case, the owners’ association has joint decision-making authority and can reject a potential buyer if, for example, he or she is seeking to use the apartment in a way that does not comply with the agreements. If you are selling a rented condominium in a community complex, a rejection will usually not occur if the existing tenant is taken over by contract. Nevertheless, the manager will take a concrete look at the creditworthiness of the prospective tenant, since in addition to the purchase price for the apartment, there must be sufficient financial leeway for all common maintenance and repair projects. Lease sales are very complex and require the know-how and expertise of experienced real estate professionals.

Lukinski – Selling real estate from professional hands

Lukinski will assist you from the first thought of selling your home to the delivery of the property to the new owner. Give us a call and let us know what we can do for you and what project we can assist you with. Tell us about your house or apartment and we will plan, implement and complete the sale. By hiring us, you are investing in professionalism and the assurance that the real estate sale will provide your complete satisfaction.