Sell your house quickly: Your real estate agents for Göppingen

Do we prefer to sell with a professional real estate agent or can I also sell privately? Every day we receive many e-mails, as well as in conversations on the various construction sites we reach many inquiries. Collected and clearly packed here are the basic questions for the sale of a property.

In the beginning, it’s all about a well-prepared start: Valuation of house and vacant apartment: your very first estate agent appointment. Valuation of your city property in Göppingen, no matter whether you want to sell a town house, city villa, environmentally friendly wooden house or even a 6-room apartment: You need to know how to proceed here best and how to achieve for your property the best selling price for you by your knowledge gained today, acquire the necessary know-how in real estate salesknow yourself accordingly well in your region in Goeppingen and if you do not want to bring in so much time effort, contact us absolutely uncomplicated via mail and telephone. Thereby the presupposed Know How in the real estate sales, know themselves in your region well and you with the value assessment will help. If you want to save yourself time, write our real estate team an e-mail.

Now it’s about: Prepare documents for the sale of the house (floor plan and architectural plans).For the sale of your house you need various more or less crucial documents, among them are, for example, tax certificates but also bills. Professional photographs increase the sale value of your house, so that so any prospective buyer can get a much more comprehensive impression, which saves time. The, the graphics must always show the house in Göppingen in the perfect light but also be high-resolution.

Haus verkaufen in Göppingen

The exact offer price in Euro for the house

To estimate the selling price, which consists of serious values, a lot of information is crucial such as proximity to recreational facilities, defects, size, quality of construction, location of the property but also condition and equipment of your property. What is important is not what purchase price you had paid. as at all times, especially supply and demand of houses dominate the purchase price that a prospective buyer will be willing to pay, the fact you should know, supply and demand in the current real estate market dominate the purchase price that the prospective buyer will be willing to pay Yes, any appraisal means a lot of time which you have to find. For private individuals it becomes really difficult to assess the market value seriously. Your alternative, a real estate appraisal by us.

Next on your list comes with the point: Creation of the folder or exposé for interested parties. Think, nevertheless, now times for a short moment of the completely individual search behavior, because already with the quick overview on the description of the objectand the details confirms itself already for the majority of the possible buyers whether goodwill is aroused. The effort for a beautifully prepared real estate advertisement pays off. In addition: As an owner you know your house inside out. In the advertisement or also Exposè of the house everything must be noted. For example garage, swimming pool to relax or garden sharing. Your exposé is now ready? The greatest sales opportunities are provided by the portals for houses and, of course, the local press. Then wait and see. Does your property arrive?

In your next point on the task list is about: If you come already at the beginning with a cleanly structured Exposè inclusive photos of the outside and interior area it often goes fast, there are the first inquiries on the real estate announcement, have you for the further switching a real estate agent for the switching of the house with on board fetched he or she takes all questions, exclusively if still inquiries arrive, it takes up immediately contact to you.

Meeting for inspection with interested persons

Then it becomes more and more exciting. The mediating broker organises viewing appointments in Göppingen every day, should you wish, he conducts every single conversation without you. Of course, you can also be present.

Then comes: confirmation of the current purchasing power of those interested in the property. So that you do not have to experience any fraud when selling your house, the solvency of the interested party is checked immediately after the house inspection and the check of moldings, locks, doors, etc. by credit reports.

The next task: signing the purchase contract with the notary. The last details of the purchase contract and all negotiations, leads your real estate expert of confidence, then he prepares together with the notary’s office the notarized contract in a draft and clear, for a certification is an appointment with the notary InevitableBuyer and seller give your signature under the now complete purchase contract, with the signature you have officially sold your former property, congratulations, so only last, small tasks remain.

After entry in the land register (also priority notice of conveyance) the negotiated sales price of your property will be redeemed.

Notaries now enter the new entry in the land register but also the so-called priority notice of conveyance. It ensures, for example, that a seller could not fraudulently sell several times, i.e. to different buyers at the same time, your notary gives the buyer the OK, immediately when he can pay the price to your bank. Then please do not forget to check whether the payment has been credited to the bank account.


Now follows: Pay outstanding bills from real estate agent and notary.Your Goeppingen house is sold profitably, now the bill for commissioned real estate agent and the notary is still outstanding. Your payment for must subsequently instruct to the notary appointment.

Goeppingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg is home to 56,904 residents, making it a potential homebuyer. Continue on your to-do list with: Pay transferred real estate transfer tax to the carrier: Congratulations, you did it… Are between less than 10 years, then you have to pay capital gains tax, solidarity surcharge and church tax will possibly be charged in addition, of course, legal exceptions are made when selling. Exemplary if the owner lived in the property himself for over 3 years]36 months and never rented.

Demographics in the housing market

Estimates about inhabitants according to age structure to new building demand today. In Göppingen’s city centre and outskirts currently live 0.06 million inhabitants, from west to east on 59.21 square kilometres, Göppingen is thus clearly one of the more important German cities, moreover Göppingen is very close to Baden-Württemberg’s capital Göppingen. With 961 people per square kilometre, affordable housing is naturally a scarce commodity.

New studies on the current housing and real estate market

As you just learned in the studies of the Federal Statistical Office, 22,102 residents live in their own homes. Whole 27,547 renting citizens. According to study of LBS Research would have to live in the various Goeppingen households currently 33,573 people in marriage, 23,331 are single. Therefore one sees already today with the new building compelling action need. What new estimates exist from industry-specific studies? Until 2020, 50% of the studies of Goeppingen forecast new unitscirca 17% see only 24,141 new apartments in demand and 33% speculates with Goeppingen new apartments, currently statistically only about 159 new housing units are built, with a volume 2.2 billion euros this year.

41,836 should be statistically very satisfied

In Goeppingen almost all people are altogether really content in their neighbourhood, from the owners there are 46.906 happy persons, who like just this friendly neighbourhood and situation, against only 9.998 dissatisfied, whole 36.908 more, but also with tenants in Goeppingen one experiences this positive feeling with 41.836 inhabitants. Most of the citizens live in houses for one family and in no flats, together there are 29.798 Göppingener, in houses with at least two families live 17.682 of it 8.825 people in houses for two parties, so is Göppingen.

The development of Göppingen today and in the coming years

Göppingen has many young citizens, for example 1,377 teenagers aged 15 to 17, but also many older citizens, such as 3,005 inhabitants aged 50 to 64. What will the next few years bring? Goeppingen’s number of inhabitants increases regularly, from 56.427 citizens 4 years ago, the number of inhabitants increased by 477 people to 57.380. The tendency will continue in the future, already in 2022, according to statistical probability, 58.785 inhabitants will need space to live, another 1.881 more than today. Let’s change to the current tendencies of the next 20 years.

Real estate and financing market

The unused money is immense, unbelievable 0.3 billion euros of constantly usable assets, according to statistical data of the Bundesbank on Göppingen bank accounts. Much more, about 0.4 billion euros are deposited in real estate and only 72.6 million euros exist as usable assets. The total transaction market of the purchases of real estates amounts to in Goeppingen every 12 months, statistically seen 5,211,440,756.36 euros. At the same time, a total of 2.2 billion euros is spent on residential construction, modernization is becoming an increasingly standardized topic, especially in conurbations, with currently 2,605,720,378.18 euros for the installation of more energy-efficient technical options and more efficient building materials. In total, the market for real estate in Goeppingen generates a total of 10,022,001,454.55 euros per year.

Who lives free from rent? Göppingen property

Owning houses and apartments makes life a lot easier. Thereby we see real estate owners in big and small. Briefly a few examples, according to check of empirica now 2,393 small children from 0 to 10 years live in apartments or houses, which are in the possession of their parents. For older children, or teenagers, the number is slightly higher. Certainly because of the toddler phase and the fact that parents are increasingly involved in their careers, quite a few are now buying their house or condo for their small family. From 11-21 years, 2,964 live in the property of the hardworking parents, it goes down significantly with 21 to 30 years, they are looking for the far away all over Europe, statistically 648 of them live in the in their own property. Increasingly in the own real estate we live, the older one becomes, thus it is with the 31 to 40 year old ones already again 2,457 and somewhat over it, with the persons between 41 – 50 years bring it on 4,248 proud real estate owners. Between 51 and 60 years own 3,890 Goeppingener property. With the 61 to 70 years old one creates it still on 2,972, many sell or give to the family and thus are it 1,841von total 0.06 million fellow citizens.

Housing market in Göppingen: Property or condominium with good transport links in a central location

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 22.102
Apartment 3.500
Rent 27.547
Shared apartment 3.750

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership (years) Units
0-10 2.393
11-21 2.964
21-30 648
31-40 2.457
41-50 4.248
51-60 3.890
61-70 2.972
71-80 1.841

empirica / LBS Research (source)


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Growth
1 23.331 25.038 1.707
2 19.347 20.485 1.138
3 6.828 5.690 -1.138
4 5.121 4.552 -569
5+ 1.707 1.650 -57

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Difference
1 30.159 31.866 1.707
2 16.502 15.933 -569
3 5.121 4.552 -569
4 3.414 3.357 -57
5+ 1.138 1.024 -114

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office