Find probate court: All probate courts by city

There are so many questions surrounding probate and the court, for example: What is the job of probate court? How much does the inheritance certificate table cost? How much does a certificate of inheritance from a notary cost? How and where can I get a certificate of inheritance?

The probate court – tasks, rights and duties

The probate court is not an independent branch of the court, but only a department of the district court. Nevertheless, the probate court has its own tasks and duties. You can now find out which tasks are included and which probate matters are settled at the probate court!

The functions of the probate court – inheritance and estate

The probate court has a wide variety of duties that it must perform. Even if the probate court is not an independent branch of the court, it still has its own independent tasks. These are regulated in the fifth book of the Civil Code. These include:

  • The granting of certificates of inheritance
  • The opening of wills
  • The receipt and safekeeping of wills
  • Securing the estate
  • The granting of certificates of executorship
  • The identification of heirs

The proceedings in probate cases – regulated at the probate court

A probate court is not an independent branch of court, but a department for probate matters set up at the local courts. Since 1 September 2009, proceedings in probate matters have been defined in the law as follows.
Pursuant to §342 (1) FamFG, probate matters are those proceedings which:

  • The special official custody of dispositions of property upon death,
  • The safeguarding of the estate, including the guardianship of the estate,
  • The opening of dispositions on death,
  • Identifying the heirs,
  • The receipt of statements required by law to be made to the probate court,
  • Certificates of inheritance, certificates of executorship and other certificates to be issued by the probate court,
  • Execution of wills,
  • The administration of the estate and
  • Other functions assigned to the probate courts by law


To help you find the right address immediately, we have all the probate courts in Germany for you here. All probate courts sorted alphabetically by federal state, starting with the three city states of Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg. More on the subject of real estate inheritance: inheritance certificate to costs.


Local court in Berlin Mitte
Littenstraße 12-17, 10179 Berlin


Local court in Bremen
Ostertorstrasse 25/31
28195 Bremen


Local court Hamburg
Sievekingplatz 1
20355 Hamburg


Local court in Aalen
Stuttgart Street 9+7
73430 Aalen

Local court in Heidelberg
Czernyring 22/10-12
69115 Heidelberg

Local court in Karlsruhe
Castle square 23
76131 Karlsruhe

Local court in Constance
Untere Laube 12
78462 Constance

County court in Leonberg
Castle courtyard 7
71229 Leonberg

Local court in Lörrach
Station road 4
79539 Lörrach

Local court in Ludwigsburg
Schorndorfer Street 39
71638 Ludwigsburg

County court in Mannheim
Castle, west wing
68159 Mannheim

Local court in Nürtingen
Neuffener Street 28
72622 Nürtingen

Local court in Tübingen
Doblerstrasse 14
72074 Tübingen


Local court in Aschaffenburg
Erthalstraße 3
63739 Aschaffenburg

Local court in Augsburg
Am Alten Einlaß 1
86150 Augsburg

Local court in Bamberg
Synagogue Square 1
96047 Bamberg

County court in Erlangen
Mozartstrasse 23
91052 Erlangen

Local court in Kaufbeuren
Ganghoferstrasse 9-11
87600 Kaufbeuren

Local court in Munich
Pacelli Street 5
80333 Munich

Local court in Nuremberg
Fürther Street 110
90429 Nuremberg

Local court in Regensburg
Augustenstrasse 3
93049 Regensburg

Local court in Würzburg
Ottostraße 5
97070 Würzburg


Local court in Potsdam
Jägerallee 10-12
14469 Potsdam

Local court in Cottbus
Vom Stein Street 28
03050 Cottbus

Local court in Frankfurt (Oder)
Eisenhüttenstädter Chaussee 48
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

Local court in Oranienburg
Berlin Street 38
16515 Oranienburg


Local court in Darmstadt
Mathildenplatz 12
64283 Darmstadt

Local court in Frankfurt
Court road 2
60313 Frankfurt am Main

County court in Fulda
Königstraße 38
36037 Fulda

Local court in Gießen
Gutfleischstrasse 1
35390 Giessen

Local court in Kassel
Frankfurter Street 9
34117 Kassel

Local court in Marburg
University Road 48
35037 Marburg

Local court in Offenbach am Main
Kaiserstrasse 16-18
63065 Offenbach on the Main

Local court in Wiesbaden
Court road 2
65185 Wiesbaden

Local court in Wetzlar
Wertherstraße 1 and 2
35578 Wetzlar

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Local court in Neubrandenburg

Local court in Rostock
Zochstraße 13
18057 Rostock

County court in Schwerin
Demmlerplatz 14
19053 Schwerin

Lower Saxony

Local court in Braunschweig
At the Martini Church 8
38100 Brunswick

Local court in Göttingen
Berlin street 8
37073 Göttingen

Local court in Hanover
Volgersweg 1
30175 Hanover

Local court in Oldenburg
Elisabeth Street 8
26135 Oldenburg

Local court in Osnabrück
Kollegienwall 29/31
49074 Osnabrück

Local court in Salzgitter
Joachim-Campe-Straße 15
38226 Salzgitter

Local court in Wolfsburg
Rothenfelder Street 43
38440 Wolfsburg

North Rhine-Westphalia

County court in Aachen
Adalbertsteinweg 92
52070 Aachen

Local court in Bielefeld
Court road 6
33602 Bielefeld

Local court in Bocholt
Benölkenplatz 2
46399 Bocholt

Local court in Bochum
Viktoriastrasse 14
44787 Bochum

Local court in Bonn
Wilhelmstrasse 21-23
53111 Bonn

Local court in Bottrop
Court Street 24-26
46236 Bottrop

Local court in Brühl
Balthasar-Neumann-Platz 3
50321 Brühl

Local court in Dortmund
Court road 22
44135 Dortmund

Local court in Düsseldorf
Werdener Street 1
40227 Düsseldorf

Duisburg local court
König-Heinrich-Platz 1
47051 Duisburg

Local court in Essen
Zweigertstrasse 52
45130 Essen

Local court in Jülich
Wilhelmstrasse 15
52428 Jülich

Local court in Kleve
Schloßberg 1 (Schwanenburg)
47533 Kleve

Local court in Cologne
Reichenspergerplatz 1
50670 Cologne

Local court in Leverkusen
Gerichtsstraße 9
51379 Leverkusen

Local court in Lippstadt
Lipperoder Street 8
59555 Lippstadt

County court in Meinerzhagen
Court road 14
58540 Meinerzhagen

Local court in Münster
Court Street 2-6
48149 Münster

Local court in Neuss
Wide street 48
41460 Neuss

Local court in Paderborn
At the arch 2-4
33098 Paderborn

Local court in Wuppertal
Isle 2
42103 Wuppertal


Local court in Bingen on the Rhine
Mainzer Street 52
55411 Bingen on the Rhine

Local court in Kaiserslautern
Station road 24
67655 Kaiserslautern

Local court in Koblenz
Carmeliterstrasse 14
56068 Koblenz

Local court in Ludwigshafen
Wittelsbachstrasse 10
67061 Ludwigshafen on the Rhine

County court in Mainz
55116 Mainz

Local court in Trier
Justizstraße 2, 4, 6
54290 Trier


Local court in Homburg (Saar)
Zweibrücker Street 24
66424 Homburg

Local court in Neunkirchen
Miners’ Road 16
66538 Neunkirchen

Local court in Saarbrücken
Franz-Josef-Röder- Str. 13
66119 Saarbrücken


Local court in Chemnitz
Court road 2
09112 Chemnitz

Local court in Dresden
Berlin Street 3-13
01067 Dresden

Local court in Freiberg
Beethovenstrasse 8
09599 Freiberg

Local court in Leipzig
Bernhard-Göring-Strasse 64
04275 Leipzig

Local court in Zwickau
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
08056 Zwickau


Local court in Dessau-Roßlau
Willy-Lohmann-Strasse 33
06844 Dessau-Roßlau

Local court in Ingolstadt
New building road 8
85049 Ingolstadt

Local court in Halle (Saale)
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
08056 Zwickau

Magdeburg local court
Wide way 203-206
39104 Magdeburg

Local court in Stendal
Scharnhorststraße 40
39576 Stendal

Local court in Weißenfels
Friedrichstraße 18
06667 Weißenfels


County court in Elmshorn
Bismarckstrasse 8
25335 Elmshorn

Local court in Flensburg
Südergraben 22
24937 Flensburg

Local court in Kiel
Deliusstrasse 22
24114 Kiel

Local court in Lübeck
Am Burgfeld 7
23568 Lübeck

Local court in Neumünster
Boostedter Street 26
24534 Neumünster

Local court in Norderstedt
Town Hall Avenue 80
22850 Norderstedt


Local court in Arnstadt
Längwitzer Street 26
99310 Arnstadt

County court in Erfurt
Rudolfstraße 46
99092 Erfurt

Local court in Gera
Rudolf-Diener-Strasse 1
07545 Gera

Gotha county court
Justus-Perthes-Strasse 2
99867 Gotha

Local court in Jena
Rathenaustrasse 13
07745 Jena

Local court in Weimar
Ernst-Kohl-Strasse 23a
99423 Weimar