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Limitation of liability for AG bodies (internal relationship)

Limitation of liability for AG executive bodies – In the event of a loss, the stock corporation as a legal entity under private law is, to a certain extent, subject to a limitation of liability, because the liability – apart from a few rare exceptions – exclusively burdens the business assets of the company. In […]

Real Estate Agent Experience: The Real Estate Agent Alliance

There are many, different reasons for selling your property. There are just as many, different real estate agents. To give you a few experiences of customers who have sold their property, we wanted to introduce you here: Private Sold Failed – Sold Sylvia and Hans A. from Mainz: “We were initially sceptical whether a broker […]

Comparative Value Method: Advantages, disadvantages, guidelines and valuation law

Comparative value method – What is the comparative value method? When is the comparative value method used for real estate? What criteria play a role in the comparative value procedure for real estate? The comparative value method compares your property with similar properties. It is used in particular for the sale of condominiums and houses. […]