Separation and home – options, advice

Separating from your partner is a trauma. To ensure that the decision about your jointly purchased and financed home does not become traumatic, you should definitely opt for professional advice on the various possible solutions.

House sale in 9 steps


Jointly purchased property in the event of separation

While the division of the property or the proceeds from the sale can be settled in the case of married couples, the settlement can be problematic when unmarried couples separate. In most cases, the house is financed jointly or one partner guarantees for the partner who enters into the loan obligation with the bank. In both cases, both partners are responsible, so the house usually becomes a contentious issue in the event of a separation. Very rarely does a separation take place amicably.

Where separations are not amicable, it may be advisable for you to seek help in the form of advice and, if required, a professional sale. Even if you do not want to sell, but decide to keep the property, we are experienced online real estate agents to help and support you where agreement and concrete agreements are needed.

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Divorce procedure

Among all joint acquisitions, the house stands as the largest asset in your possession. For this reason alone, a jointly acquired property purchased during the marriage period will also be the biggest “bone of contention” when it comes to property division during the divorce process. Learn everything you need to know about the divorce process.

Keep house

For families with children, housekeeping is often high on the agenda in the event of a divorce. In many cases, the partner with whom the children remain stays in the house. So that the children can remain in their familiar environment and are not additionally burdened by the divorce, this option proves to be the best solution. However, the desire to keep the house is of course linked to the respective financial situation and to agreements made. More on the subject of keeping a house.

House sale

A jointly occupied and financed house is usually the focus of a divorce. If neither partner wants or is able to keep the house, in most cases it comes down to a property sale. There are several solutions you can consider and contrast. Most divorcing couples choose to sell the house to a third party, as this method results in the fewest disputes. You part with existing debts together and exclude the need to continue paying off a home loan together. All about selling your house.

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