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Annual General Meeting – decision-making body of a stock corporation (AG)

Annual General Meeting – A stock corporation consists of several bodies. The management board deals with the day-to-day business and other matters of the company and represents the stock corporation externally. The supervisory board is a legally prescribed self-controlling body that appoints and monitors the individual members of the management board and, in case of […]

Investment Property Investor Interviews: From the first apartment to a million

Real estate as an investment – step by step, from the basics to specific questions on the topic: Investor Interviews. Earn money with real estate! Here you will find tips from professionals. Good luck. Common questions include: What is investment real estate? How do you calculate the return on a property? What is investment property? […]

Prevent foreclosure: My house / apartment is being auctioned, what can I do about it?

Prevent foreclosure – You have debts? Are you in the unfortunate situation that now a creditor has also initiated a foreclosure sale of your property to pay off his debt claim? Don’t worry! If you act early enough and certain circumstances are present, you can prevent a foreclosure. Prevent foreclosures – The options As soon […]

Forced sale: online portals for buyers, local court list and tips

Compulsory auction – Your goal is to acquire a property as cheaply as possible? You would like to participate in a forced sale, but you always lack the information when and where a forced sale takes place? Put an end to it! Foreclosure auctions – How you can always be part of it We at […]

Compulsory auction: procedure, reasons, enforcement, requirements and risks

Foreclosure Procedure – Property owners, like any other person, have expenses and obligations that they must meet and pay. If a property owner is insolvent and cannot pay certain debts, it may happen that a foreclosure sale of a property takes place. Such a proceeding is initiated by the creditor in the appropriate county court. […]