Heating oil price – You should pay attention to this

Heating oil price – Heating oil is an alternative to natural gas. It burns environmentally friendly, but does not belong to the renewable energies. Modern heating furnaces, which work with heating oil as fuel, convince with a low consumption and are considered energy-efficient. Many building owners choose heating oil because they are independent of an energy supplier. The heating oil is stored in tanks. The size of the tank can be freely chosen during installation. It is possible to connect several tanks together to be able to use a larger supply of heating oil. As a prerequisite for the installation of an oil heating system is that there is enough space for the tanks. You choose the size of the tanks when you install them. Theoretically, it is possible to expand the tanks afterwards. However, this will cause additional costs. For this reason, a new heating system should be well planned in advance.

Influence heating oil price through the installation of tanks

The price of heating oil is based on the market. It can fluctuate on a daily basis. As a user of an oil heating system, you must ensure that the tanks are not completely empty. Should this be the case, you can no longer operate the heating. It is important that you monitor the heating oil price regularly. This is especially true when the tanks have already emptied by half.

The fuel oil price is significantly dependent on the situation on the world market and on the financial policy of the world market-leading countries. There can be strong fluctuations within weeks. Therefore, buy consciously, because you can save a four-digit sum depending on the filling quantity of your tanks.
Installing the largest tanks possible allows you a great deal of flexibility when purchasing heating oil. You decide to fill the tanks when the price of heating oil is cheap. If you have a lot of space in your tanks, you can have large quantities of heating oil delivered in stock. This way you benefit from low heating costs.

Charges for transport

Smaller tanks have another disadvantage. They empty more quickly, which means that you have to order heating oil more often. This incurs transport costs. You have an advantage if you can share the charges for delivering the heating oil with a neighbour. The supplier will not charge you twice.

The fees for transport are influenced by the distance between your home and the nearest depot. Often, a three-digit sum is charged. If you have decided to install small tanks, you will have to order heating oil more often as a consequence. This increases the price of heating oil. In addition, you cannot react as flexibly to the prices on the market. For these reasons, it is recommended that you choose large tanks when planning the heating system.

Heating oil tanks need space

For the installation of larger heating oil tanks, you need a free room in the cellar or in an outbuilding. In older houses, a garage can be converted accordingly. It is important that the tanks are not located in the open air. For safety reasons, you must build a sump. The heating oil can drain into this if a leak should occur in one of the tanks.