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Limited partnership (KG): formation, liability, legal form, management, taxes

Limited partnership (KG) – The limited partnership is a German legal form founded by two or more persons and managed by at least one partner. The main feature of this legal form of business is the division of liability risk: at least one partner has unlimited liability and at least one partner has exclusive business […]

Fireplace & stove: models, price, decoration, heating – Modern living

A fireplace provides relaxation, a sense of well-being and warmth. Therefore, it is not surprising that fireplaces and other stoves are at the top of the wish list of builders, because heating with wood is popular. Especially on cold days there is nothing better than to snuggle up in front of a crackling fireplace bursting […]

Heating with wood: logs, pellets, energy efficiency, costs + video

Heating with wood – There is a lot of ignorance and unanswered questions around this topic. As an alternative to gas and petroleum, more people are again using wood to heat their homes and for hot water. Although many people consider burning wood to be more expensive and more harmful to the environment, it is […]

Firewood: Cheap do it yourself, chopping, stacking and storing + video

Firewood & Fireplace Wood Storage – Larger quantities of firewood, are often stored on properties, either for heating or for your own fireplace. The garden or a barn are readily used for storage. Larger quantities of firewood, once stored on a property, must be stored in a fire protected location. This measure is regularly checked […]