Hacker captures 16 million – An insight

Recently, my lawyer (copyright) was talking about privacy. Somewhat salopically we talked about the apocalypse. It would be proven by ‘people with signs who have warned us all along…. and were right’. Data protection has long been one of the defining issues on the internet. Whether it’s online stores with customer and transaction data or in-house IT in hospitals. Data is freely available to everyone. Without protection mechanism.

Now a headline is making the rounds:

Hacker captures 16 million through credit cards

– not an isolated case in Europe: An insight is offered by Jean Pascal Pereira (friend and CEO of Secbiz and IT security specialist) with his contribution on www.secbiz.org.

It sounds like a whodunit when a Swiss newspaper reports on a 26-year-old hacker who loots 16 million dollars in data and is then arrested in a luxury hotel in Bangkok. The Moroccan Mohamed G. is now accused of hacking Swiss accounts and thus looting CHF 16 million.


Cyber attacks are real

Jean Pascal Pereira shows just how real in a technically impressive new live map at www.secbiz.org/crime-map. The map locates attacks through honeypots in the USA, the Netherlands and Germany. Hackers are not attacking real targets here, but systems that pose as legitimate online shops and CMSs and simulate vulnerabilities.

A very interesting article about cybercrime, attacks on Europe and organized crime. As well as the new Cybercrime Map. Jean Pascal Pereira shows real, active weaknesses in data security that we, as media & IT industry, at least have to think about.


Cyberwar - Live Map



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