Photo theft! Pictures copied, what to do! Find stolen photos automatically – Tip

Photo theft! Pictures copied, what to do?! Search yourself or use a free online tool?! Today a picture was stolen again! Many have the problem, dealers in e-commerce, on Amazon, Ebay to photographers for fashion, products and real estate. Problem 1) How to find stolen photos on the internet? And if, follows Problem 2) Who will take care of the copyright lawsuit (copyright), or takedown notice? One option is Copytrack, online lawyers who use algorithms to find stolen images and you can easily, share them online for takedown notice. Smart, easy and 100% free for you.

Automatically find & warn off stolen photos

No copyright lawyer at hand? On the Internet, media are often copied, not always legally. But what should you do? How can you find images that have been illegally copied? Here is my recommendation, so you can find stolen images on the Internet, automatically. With this software, or tool, you can upload your photos and Copytrack searches the Internet (free of charge) for all photos. With a few clicks, you can then decide whether or not Copytrack’s lawyers will take action.

Video tutorial: Copytrack presented

The video tutorial was made very spontaneously. I thought it might help you too if you are a media producer yourself.