Calendar 2021 for printing: All months and weeks as PDF (12+1 template, free of charge)

You are looking for a calendar for the year 2021, free and direct to print? Here you will find our free annual calendar with all individual months and weeks for your planning! Two years ago we were looking for a calendar for our own real estate agency for the first time. We couldn’t find a suitable calendar on the Internet, especially not in the right resolution. Since we wanted to print the calendar not only in DIN A4 but also in DIN A3, we needed a nice calendar that was big enough to be printed on our printer in our desired format. So we had the idea to create our own annual calendar, perfectly tailored to organize and plan everything cleanly and neatly. We have developed this simple and clear calendar so that you can have a free and good annual calendar directly and uncomplicated, no matter whether it is for your real estate agent’s offices, your own home or also the planning of the kindergarten days! Here you can download the entire annual calendar free of charge or select the individual months from January to December.

Print calendar free of charge: Annual calendar 2021

If you don’t need a single calendar month but want to print out the whole year 2021 for free, you can find here our free PDF with all 12 months and the overview sheet by printing it every 12 months. Thus they have a yearly overview as well as the individual months of spring, summer, autumn and winter clearly in a PDF. You can download the file here free of charge:

  • Download: Calendar 2021 – save for free & print including 12 x monthly calendar (January-December) + 1 x year overview

If you are looking for individual calendar months, you will find here all individual months free of charge as graphics. You can save the files on your computer with a simple right click or print them directly to your printer. Our broker team from Lukinski wishes you every success with your planning and organisation.













This was our free download for the year 2021. If you need the calendar to plan your house sale, you can also talk to our experts and professionals about the topic. We advise you as a real estate agent independently and supra-regionally with your house sale but also with the sale of your condominium. If you are interested in a consultation, you will find all information and contact details in our main menu!