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All Additional Costs when Buying a Home Explained

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Germany – Buying real estate in Germany requires an understanding of its tax system. Here we give a detailed, simple guide for people not from Germany looking to buy property, rent property, or invest in real estate in Germany. The German system is quite different from those found in US states. If you’re looking to […]

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Real Estate Transfer Tax – Hidden Additional Cost Explained

When you buy a house, there are additional costs. Among them transfer tax. In addition to mortgage taxes, property taxes, realtor fees, you should be informed about the real estate transfer tax, also called, deed tax or property transfer tax. In short, these taxes require you to pay the IRS a certain amount when you […]

Top 5 Tax Havens – Tax Avoidance in Paradise

Tax havens are a mysterious and enchanting idea for many. A place where the government doesn’t take a large share of your, or your comapny’s, income. It is similarly criticised though, with many people saying it is a citizen’s duty to pay taxes for the country in which they live or work. Still, companies from […]

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Real Estate Taxes – Among the many types of tax in the United States, property tax is one of the most misunderstood. It is a tax which is paid yearly for owning property or other items. It is a vital part of the tax bill though, and understanding how it works a must for any […]

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New York: Buy Property! Neighborhoods to Invest – Manhattan, Brooklyn & Co

New York — More than 8 million people live in New York, in a total area of 1,214.4 square kilometers. Countless galleries, museums, theaters, parks, restaurants and sights attract around 50 million visitors annually. A cultural melting pot, over 800 languages are spoken, and you can find food from almost every place on earth. In […]