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Current account calculator: German providers in comparison – Free check

Credit Cards & Debit Credit Card Calculator: German Providers in Comparison – Free Check

Wealth building: Real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency … ?! Capital accumulation with 20, 30, 40 years – tips

Wealth accumulation – When does it make sense to start building wealth through strategically intelligent investment? At 20, 30, 40 or even at 50? Is there a simple formula or tips for investing with good returns? What about risk, depending on the type of investment? Here’s an in-depth look at wealth building, for beginners. Without […]

EToro App Tips: Copy traders – invest money like professionals?! Explanation + Guide

eToro App: Copy Trader – Trading Beginners have a big problem, they are not familiar with trading financial products. No matter if it’s stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, index funds, ETF or leverage. As I have already described in the great guide to eToro App, the “big advantage” of eToro lies in “social trading”, or rather in […]

Loans: Debt contract, Loan Interest & Advances

Loan – By definition, a loan is a debt contract in which the lender provides the borrower with money or an item of property temporarily and the borrower then repays the value provided plus the agreed loan interest. Compared to a loan, a loan usually involves a larger volume of money and is granted for […]

Inheritance and Inheritance in Germany: Real Estate Statistics & Studies

Until now, inheritances in Germany were assumed to be up to 300 billion euros (as reported by Der Spiegel). At the same time, the inheritance and the volume is increasing, as you will also see later in the statistics. According to the DIW study, the trend continues and there will be significantly more assets inherited […]

Keeping a house in case of divorce

For families with children, housekeeping is often high on the agenda in the event of a divorce. In many cases, the partner with whom the children remain stays in the house. So that the children can remain in their familiar environment and are not additionally burdened by the divorce, this option proves to be the […]

Futterhaus – Buy, Shop & Stores

Futterhaus – Are you looking for a pet food store? Whether you want to start a feed store yourself, or are just looking for a good place to buy for your new pet, this article will tell you everything you need to know about feed stores. From merchandise, to stores, to valuable tips and tricks. […]

Gross rent

Gross rent – Gross rent is when all ancillary costs for a rented property are directly included in the rent and no further costs are incurred. A distinction is made between the gross warm rent and the gross cold rent. In the case of the warm rent, all operating costs are included, whereas in the […]

8 rules for the rent deposit – what you should pay attention to

In most cases, the rent deposit amounts to three cold rents and is therefore a considerable sum. The landlord takes this as security in case the tenant does not pay the rent or does not leave the rental property as it was stated in the contract. If all goes well, the tenant should get the […]

Call money – ideal for construction financing

Call money – The term already describes the fact that call money is a short-term investment. In this respect, call money differs from time deposits or savings bonds, which are tied to a term. The dissolution of these investments is only possible with losses and in compliance with a period of notice. With call money, […]