Loans: Debt contract, Loan Interest & Advances

Loan – By definition, a loan is a debt contract in which the lender provides the borrower with money or an item of property temporarily and the borrower then repays the value provided plus the agreed loan interest. Compared to a loan, a loan usually involves a larger volume of money and is granted for a longer period of time. Property purchases are largely financed by loans. You can easily calculate the expected conditions for your loan on the Internet with a loan calculator. Real estate loans are offered by commercial banks. Often, commercial banks require a certain amount of equity before a loan is approved. There are also private loans. Here private persons lend money to other persons. The attraction is low interest rates and no credit check. In englishcne loan means “loan”.

Loans at a Glance

  • A larger amount of borrowed money
  • Real estate purchases are often financed by loans
  • Interest payments must be made when a loan is repaid
  • Commercial banks often require equity capital as a prerequisite
  • Private loan: Low interest rates and no credit check


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