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Credit card calculator and comparison 2023

Credit card explained

Does it make sense to have a credit card? Credit cards give greater flexibility than the small local bank. Visa and Master Cards are accepted worldwide.

Here in this guide:

  1. Calculator + comparison: credit card
  2. What is a credit card?
  3. How a credit card works
  4. Advantages of credit cards
  5. Disadvantages of credit cards

Credit card: What to consider?

What should you look for in a credit card?

  • Many credit card providers charge annual fees
  • Many credit cards are only available in conjunction with a new checking account
  • Fees often apply for credit card use abroad
  • Credit cards are issued only from the age of 18 years
  • A primary residence in Germany must be presented for receipt

Credit card comparison

What is a credit card?

A credit card is a payment instrument that allows you to pay for a purchase with credit instead of using your bank account. This means that no money is debited from your account, but the credit line granted to you is reduced by the price of the purchase.

How a credit card works

You don’t pay for a purchase you made with credit until you receive a credit card statement in your online bank, email or mailbox.

If you do not repay the drawn credit in full by the due date of the invoice, you will have to pay interest on the credit.

Advantages of credit cards

For many, credit cards are good alternatives to debit cards. Here is a brief overview of the many advantages that a credit card offers you:

  • Contactless payment (NFC function)
  • Secure online payment via 3D Secure
  • Purchase protection
  • Buy now, pay later
  • Short term loan
  • Withdraw cash free of charge
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Not tied to specific bank

Besides the secure payment, worldwide acceptance and flexibility, credit cards also have some disadvantages. Here are the negative aspects at a glance:

  • Unclear
  • Additional fees
  • Foreign fees
  • Partially limited use
  • Risk of data theft

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