Selling a house – How you can achieve top prices in Arnsberg & the surrounding area when selling a house

Selling with a professional real estate agent or is it also possible privately? Every day we receive messages, just as in conversations at viewing appointments we get many inquiries, collected and sorted you see here the most exciting questions on the subject of selling a property.

Appointment with the real estate agent for a quick calculation of the value of your house

The very first step is for you to be able to achieve the best sales price in the current market situation for real estate for 4 room condominium, Frisian house, half-timbered house built of wood but also solid house. Acquire all the necessary know-how in the sale of real estateknow yourself well in your region and should you have little effort would like to bring in, contact us. In the realistic price calculation of most houses, all the required knowledge in the sale of houses, research prices that have already been achieved in your environment will help you in the calculation, but if you are not interested in all the stress, write to us.

Selling like an experienced real estate expert, the next on your plan: receipts, bills and also documents. Important paperwork for sale and valuation.As a seller of a house, you need a wide variety of relevant paperwork, among which are notarizations as well as substance appraisals. Professional photos raise the price of your property. That is important, so that possible buyers can make themselves much better of the object photos must always represent the house in Arnsberg always from considered perspectives, but also have a good resolution (for example 1000 on 1500 pixels). After all, you want to sell your property. And best of all for a higher profit.

Haus verkaufen mit Makler in Arnsberg

Determine a selling price for the house for sale offer

Various unchangeable conditions such as room layout, existing defects, traffic connections play a role in the sales price calculation, if everything is to function smoothly later, but in your value determination it is not how much you have invested, nor the countless work. as in grandfather’s time, demand and supply in particular regulate the price to be expected. You should plan for this circumstance in order not to get too high an idea. Demand and supply on the current market govern the price, the wisdom you must take into account, so that no unrealizable expectations are aroused Indeed, such a calculation promises a lot of time for voucher search, which you must have, for inexperienced it will indeed also very cumbersome to estimate the authentic value correctly.

The challenge that follows: preparing a well-structured portfolio for potential buyers. You know you are interested in buying when you read an advertisement. As always, it is almost always our first glance that counts. The effort for a professionally prepared exposé therefore pays off for you. With all characteristics you know as an owner sometimes even former inhabitant, anyway best, pay attention the consideration of all central key data and info. For example, spacious garage for the own car, swimming pool to relax, garden and water and property and conversion, etc.. Now comes the advertisement, in an advertisement on a much used for real estate search portal for real estate and in the reliable Pressein Arnsberg and then it is called wait.

Eigenheim in Arnsberg

Answer queries about the object and calls

If you start with your exposé perfectly prepared by the broker, the process often works faster than expected, your broker already has the first questions on the real estate ad, you have voher hired a broker for the brokerage of the property he or she takes all the reactions for you. Only when more specific questions arrive, he or she will make direct personal contact with you.

Now it becomes more and more exciting, so that the real estate is mediated best simply and successfully, the real estate agent arranges constantly dates for a house inspection in Arnsberg with prospective customers, the real estate agent leads the arranged discussions, you as an owner can be naturally also with it, provide for the fact that visitors find your house in the impeccable total condition. Like a new car.

Your next step: checking the current creditworthiness of the prospective buyers.If you want to pass on your house, start with a successful broker, because by experts the creditworthinessof the prospective buyer is checked immediately after the inspection.

Continue to the notary appointment and conclusion of the real estate purchase contract

In the further course your broker takes over the closing negotiations with the supposed next house owner, he clarifies the formalities of the sales contract. The notarial contract of sale is formulated and prepared in a draft by your seller in cooperation with the notary’s office for buyer and seller. For a certification of the sale you have to go to the notary. With him both sides sign the now available contract. So far so good, because with your signature and the signature of the buyer your property is officially sold.

Further it goes on your list with this topic: Then after updating in the land register (the so-called Auflassungsvormerkung) the before purchase price of your property can be transferred by bank order. The appointed notary now enters the updated passage in the land register and the conveyance notice, the official document provides exemplary for the greatest possible danger exclusion of double sales. Your notary informs the buyer when he or the involved bank can transfer the purchase price to your bank account stated in the contract, check whether the purchase amount has been received in your account.

The new challenge: payment of real estate agent and notary appointment bills.Pay as a seller thereafter the transfer of the notary and real estate agent costs, immediately after the desired conclusion of the purchase contract at the notary.

Conclusion: Payment of the determined real estate transfer tax

between the sale and the original purchase is not more than a full ten years, then you will have to pay capital gains tax, plus possibly solidarity surcharge and church tax. Of course, some exceptions are made here. For example, if the property owner has lived in the property themselves for over 3 years]36 months and never rented it out, however, anyone who has lived in the house themselves for over 36 months and not rented it out will be exempt from capital gains tax.

Demography, housing market and real estate in Arnsberg

From new construction demand currently to 514,163,236 euros of capital are currently invested in Arnsberg houses and apartments. With a total area of 193.72 square kilometres, Arnsberg offers sufficient space for residential units in the city centre and outlying districts. Currently, 0.07 million registered citizens live in Arnsberg. Approximately 382 inhabitants live per square kilometre, so living space is naturally scarce.

Arnsberg real estate and housing market: facts and figures

Buy or rent, where do you live in Arnsberg? The Federal Office for Statistics recently published statistics on Arnsberg but also Germany, according to these 28,738 people live in their own house or apartment building, 4,550 are proud owners of a condominium. In addition, 35,819 inhabitants live for rent, 43,654 are married and 30,336 single households. The stint of new construction for the city’s population has increased accordingly.

The current housing demand is large, new studies assume 26,905 units, still a third of 22,421, only 17% of the calculations register the need for 31,390 newly built apartments, annually, according to statistical probability, only about 207 housing units are created in Arnsberg. With an investment amount 2.866.865.866,67 Euro.

People live well here: 54,397 should statistically like to live here

At the same time, all Arnsberg residents are satisfied with their own location and neighbourhood. Like 60,990 owners, who appreciate the surroundings, against only 13,000 dissatisfied, a whole 47,990 more, but also with tenants in Arnsberg one experiences this positive feeling with 54,397 inhabitants, in comparison to 19,593 persons who are dissatisfied despite direct shopping possibilities. The large amount of citizens lives in house for a family and not in an apartment, all together there are 38.746 Arnsberger, so clearly more than as in houses with several housing units, there live 22.991 or 11.475 persons in two-family houses.

Sturuktur planning in Arnsberg has many young inhabitants, such as 585 babies under one year, 2,723 children from 1-5 years but also many older citizens, such as 12,956 people aged over 65 years, what brings the future?the trend continuesNow let’s get to calculations in the following 17 years.

Financing and real estate market in Arnsberg

The sleeping capital is immensely high, a whole 0.5 billion euros in liquid assets, according to statistical calculation bases of the German Bundesbank on accounts and under the pillows, even greater financial resources, namely 0.5 billion euros are deposited in real estate. Statistically, really high amounts are moved annually through real estate transactions alone, more precisely 6.8 billion euros. In the same period, 2.9 billion euros are moved in residential construction. Modernisation plays an increasingly integral role, especially in densely populated cities, such as Arnsberg with 382 people per KM², with up to 3,388,114,206.06 euros of market capital. In total, the real estate sector in Arnsberg generates an astonishing 13 billion euros every year.

Home ownership in Arnsberg

How many people live rent-free in Arnsberg? We find property owners in every age group Briefly a two of the examples. According to a Germany-wide calculation (empirica), 3,112 young children up to the age of 10 live in properties owned by their parents in the first generation, then it becomes a few more. With certainty because parents have the toddler phase associated with little compensation behind them and are working on their own career in the company, many are now buying their own home, with 11 to 21 years 3,854 live in their own home, it goes down a lot with 21-30 years, in this group statistically 843 people live in their own property. Increasingly in the own real estate we live, the older we become, so it rises with the 31 to 40 years already again 3.194 and somewhat over them, with the persons between 41 – 50 years create it on 5.524 content real estate owners. Between 51 to 60 years have 5.058 property, with the 61 to 70 years brings it still on 3.864, the forthcoming period of the life spend less in her house or the flat, only 2.394.

Statistical data and information for Arnsberg

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Home 28.738
Condo 4.550
Apartment for rent 35.819
Shared apartment 4.876

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner / Age Quantity
0-10 3.112
11-21 3.854
21-30 843
31-40 3.194
41-50 5.524
51-60 5.058
61-70 3.864
71-80 2.394

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households / persons today 2035 Growth
1 30.336 32.556 2.220
2 25.157 26.636 1.480
3 8.879 7.399 -1.480
4 6.659 5.919 -740
over 5 2.220 2.146 -74

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Change
1 39.215 41.434 2.220
2 21.457 20.717 -740
3 6.659 5.919 -740
4 4.439 4.365 -74
5 + 1.480 1.332 -148

Source: Federal Statistical Office