Schavan! Arrrr. Good thing I don’t care.

Accusations of plagiarism: University denies Schavan doctorate – Minister announces lawsuit
(A personal comment by L, spontaneous and unedited).

A personal comment: after 97 hours of work (excl. travel, etc.) last week full of work, I learn on Tuesday at 10:14 pm of Ms. Schavan’s (not Dr. Schavan) … Title-recognition.

What else do you want me to say? What should we say?

We work. We make an effort. The middle class. Fair conditions. Fair wages, fair recognition. Politics? A joke. Let’s talk about mr. zu gutenberg. Let’s talk about Mrs. Koch-Merin. Let’s talk about Mrs. Schavan. No good.

Where have our role models gone? Who stands up for values. Money is paper. Doctorate’s a joke. Unbelievable. The only thing that separates achievement from ordinary is will. Will to invest achievement. Achievement demands recognition. Recognition. A word whose meaning is fading. Thank you, Mr. Gutenberg. Thank you Mrs Koch-Merin. Thank Mrs. Schavan.

The middle class is hardly supported. Young entrepreneurs almost suppressed. It’s all good. Until now. Being cheated by cheaters. Politics. Stuttart 21. BER. Victims. We in the middle class strive for fair wages. We strive for fair conditions. We work for our recognition. And you? Embarrassing. Lousy. Values-destroying.

– Spiegel Online reports (05.02.2013):

The university examiners have decided: Federal Education Minister Annette Schavan must give up her doctorate. Twelve members of the responsible faculty council voted in favour, two against, there was one abstention. The CDU woman immediately announced a complaint against the decision.

Berlin/Düsseldorf – The University of Düsseldorf has revoked the doctorate of Federal Education Minister Annette Schavan (CDU). The responsible faculty council voted in favor of the revocation in the plagiarism proceedings, Dean Bruno Bleckmann announced. Twelve members of the committee voted for the withdrawal of the title, two against, and one abstained. Schavan intends to appeal against the withdrawal of her doctorate by the University of Düsseldorf. This was immediately announced by her lawyers on Tuesday evening.

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