Fair jobs for models: fashion, technology and innovations

What exactly are trade fairs? Basically, trade fairs are nothing more than strategically planned marketing events for manufacturers of products or service providers. These present their products or services to interested parties and potential customers with the help of models. Their customers are buyers and dealers, as well as the press and end consumers. In Germany there are many well-known trade fair cities for technology, automobiles, food and fashion, from Frankfurt am Main to Leipzig and Berlin. But trade fairs are a dangerous place for models. Why are models so in demand at trade fairs? The answer is simple: beautiful and interesting people who reflect the company’s philosophy and the message of the products/services attract more potential customers, i.e. a good model supports the company’s reputation, image and ultimately its sales. Both experienced professional models and new faces are booked as models for trade fairs.

Many fair jobs have the character of a hostess. That means you will be photographed a lot, you have long working hours and tasks that a model should not do. Standing in front of a motorcycle in a bikini, body painting at gaming conventions or handing out snacks: no job for models!

Quality of your clients at fair jobs is important for you as a model

At trade fairs, you should only accept jobs that come from large, renowned companies, are exclusive and preferably only in front of a professional audience. This can be an award show on the last day of the fair, you just carry the award on stage or a collection presentation of an exclusive brand in front of a selected audience or dealers.

How do I find serious offers for a trade show model job?

Since this point is very important, once again in short: Models should only accept jobs as a trade show model in the premium class, that is, jobs where the pay is appropriate and the models in a high-quality environment, for reputable brands in the premium class and in a serious staging model. If you are wondering how much the pay should be, you can assume at least a mid to high three-digit daily fee plus travel and accommodation of course.

As many fairs there are in Germany, as many ads for fair model jobs are placed in the media. Especially “New Faces”, who are not yet familiar with the modeling industry, should check the ads intensively for their seriousness! Because behind many, first harmless sounding model inquiries, hides one or the other black sheep. If you are not (yet) represented by a model agency, then check yourself carefully:

  • Which products from which brand are we talking about?
  • What is your job, what are your responsibilities?
  • How are the working hours distributed?
  • Who is behind the brand?
  • Are outfits and visas provided?
  • What is the pay like and what is expected of me?
  • How is the location set up and how do I perform?

Helpful: Google your way around the web. Look for reviews and testimonials from others about companies, pay and jobs. If you find more negative reviews with no positive balance, don’t do it! As a model, you should take care of your image and not be associated with shady jobs, products or services. If you come across a quality modeling job at a trade show from a reputable client, it will have a positive impact on your modeling career.


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