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From owner-occupied homes to multi-family houses as capital investments, anyone thinking about buying a property wants to make provisions for old age. No other investment has such a high stability in the long term as real estate. Whether 10 years in the past, 100 years or 1000 years, living is always!

Tips on buying real estate.

Purchase and financing

More about financing, credit and loans.

Buying a house: Costs and incidental expenses

The dream of owning your own home, living independently within your own four walls, being able to design everything yourself and furnish it according to your individual wishes. But with this wishful thinking it is far from being done, because there is much more to buying a house. There is a long way to the goal of being able to lean back, relax and enjoy life in your own garden. To make this as easy as possible, here are the best tips & tricks, what you should pay attention to when buying a house, and what pitfalls you can avoid. When you first think about buying a property, many questions immediately arise. What is the best way to proceed? Do I need a real estate agent or should I search on my own?

New construction projects

The dream of owning your own home is closer than ever before. Favourable interest rates and a good supply of building plots and new construction projects are making the dream of owning one’s own four walls come true. In Hessen and Rhineland-Palatinate many new building projects are already in the advanced construction phase. Numerous new building plans are already in the starting blocks. Secure yourself a condominium or your own home at a low price.

Variants of hire purchase: Alternative to credit?

You dream of owning your own four walls, but you lack equity capital, which is the prerequisite for favorable financing? In the following article, we will introduce you to an alternative to the classic real estate purchase. You will learn everything you need to know about hire purchase, how this model works and what advantages and disadvantages it entails. To apply for real estate financing, you usually have to contribute 10 to 20 percent of the purchase price as equity. For the bank, existing capital reduces the risk; in addition, the ancillary costs are not co-financed and must be paid separately by you.

Rate apartment

You have a condominium and want to know what it is worth? Of course, you can immediately go to an appraiser and/or real estate agent with this question. However, the exact valuation becomes important at the latest when you want to sell or inherit the apartment. Also in the case of mortgaging – for example because you want to buy another property – the value should already be determined very precisely. Then the expert comes into play.

Building savings explained: comparison, contracts and costs

The decision to save with a building society is a long-term and well thought-out consideration. In addition to comparing different tariffs and building societies, other things should be taken into account. A building savings contract is usually aimed at a smaller sum and is only intended as a supplement to the actual real estate financing. Each bauspar contract consists of different phases. In most cases, there are three different phases that must be passed through. First a certain amount is saved, then the loan is allocated and finally the loan is repaid. But how exactly do these phases work and which key figures have to be determined during the respective phases?

Building money: 9 tips for real estate financing

After you have decided to buy your dream property, the question of the right financing arises. Here you should inform yourself about all the options, because you have to live with the decision about financing for the next few years. So think about your decision carefully and follow the tips below. To approach a successful financing and also really find the best for you, you should consider some points. Especially for the inexperienced, it is a big step to enter into debt, so you should be especially sure that you find the right offer. The following tips will help you approach financing the right way and pay attention to everything. You can find a list of all the costs you will incur here:


Loan – A loan is by definition a contract under the law of obligations in which the lender temporarily provides the borrower with money or an object and the borrower subsequently repays the value provided plus the agreed interest on the loan. Compared to a credit, a loan usually involves a larger volume and is lent over a longer period of time.

Interim financing

Bridge financing – Often builders apply for a loan to build or buy a property.

House building prices, costs, land and property tax

There are many questions when building a home. As real estate agents, we receive emails and phone calls from prospective builders all the time: “How much does it cost to have a house built?”, “How much does a cheap house cost?” to more specific questions like: “How long can you live in a prefab house (keyword substance)?”. – Here we have answers to your most important questions.

Real estate market and real estate agent

Here you will find detailed information about the real estate market.

Which property is suitable as an investment

Real estate as an investment – Whether single-family or multi-family house, apartment or warehouse, student apartment or nursing home: The offers for capital investment in the real estate market are diverse. Anyone who wants to invest their money in real estate should find the right property for their investment goals. Classic or exotic: Which property is suitable as a capital investment?

Statistics: New construction: rent, buy, live?

New construction – What is the average cost of new construction? How much does an average single-family home cost? We provide answers to the most frequently asked questions! As real estate agents, we get a lot of questions. Buy or build? What is really worthwhile? Here you will find important and interesting information on the subject of new build properties.

Stats: Most expensive housing

Where is the square metre most expensive? With €8,993 and an increase of +48.8% in just 4 years, Munich is right at the top. This is closely followed by Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Potsdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. We have evaluated the current data for you and show you here the top 10 most expensive cities in Germany for buying a condominium. Here you can see the cities with the highest prices per square metre for condominiums in a comparison of 2015 and 2019 in euros per square metre.

Statistics: Construction Industry

Here you will find current figures and statistics on the construction industry & construction companies. Turnover of the industry, development of construction investments and digitalization in the construction industry. The number of employees is declining, the number of construction companies is increasing. We take a look at the industry!

Investing in Investors: Shares

Long-term investment in real estate or investing in shares? While real estate is stock, many want faster price gains, but will accept price losses in return. We have here an overview of the most popular real estate stocks for investors. One of the main reasons people invest is to keep their capital safe, real estate is very stable in value. While the motivations of individual investors may vary, the multiplication of money is usually the basis of all investments. The share prices of the big players increase year after year.

Off Market Real Estate: Direct from the Broker

“Discreet broker” cannot be identified by an office sign. Diskret-Makler” is also not a protected job title. Discreet brokers, however, take care of the sale of your property in a very special way. Lukinski therefore markets your property with special care and with the utmost respect for your privacy. We vouch for this with our good name! Because: “My home” – for most people this means the epitome of security, protection, privacy and above all a whole lot of stories that take place or have taken place within their own four walls. By now, you’re probably wondering: What is off-market real estate, what are the benefits of investing in it, and how can I find a property to buy as an investment property?

Real estate type

Here we list for you the different types of real estate that the market has to offer.

Buy land: Building land

Many interested parties who want to buy a plot of land intend to build a house on it. However, this is only possible if the property is designated as building land or if it is so-called “Bauerwartungsland”. This designation applies to land that will be designated as building land by the city or municipality in the near future.

Buy an apartment: Own instead of rent

The decision to buy a condominium (ETW) is made by most buyers for two reasons. The buyer wants to use the apartment to live in it himself. Other buyers are looking for a financial investment that will bring a good profit in the medium or long term.

Prefabricated house: Build quickly and move in?

Most families do not want to wait long from the idea to the realization of their dream of home ownership. This is where a prefabricated house proves to be a practical solution, as its nature means far less construction time and therefore a lower waiting time until you can move in. With a prefabricated house you can save the execution of the individual trades by different companies and have a contact person who is there for you from the planning to the handing over of the keys. If you are interested in a prefabricated house and are considering whether this type of construction is the best decision for your project, then you will find the advantages and disadvantages that you need to know as a builder here. Before you choose a house type, visit a show house exhibition and feel the different house models.

Wooden house: Different types of construction

When most people think of wooden houses, they think of a holiday in Scandinavia or the Black Forest. There, the wooden house has a tradition and is one of the house types that are built most often. Due to the advantages and the cozy aura, the wooden house has established itself throughout Germany and is appreciated by many families. With the wooden house, a general distinction is made between three types of construction.

New development area: Capital investment

Buying in new construction areas – Old apartments are hard to come by, so buyers are increasingly turning their focus to new construction areas. If you want to sell an apartment or an entire unit in new construction or offer a townhouse, you should proceed with the utmost competence and avoid faux pas.

Weekend house: living and renting

A weekend house can be used in a very diverse way. You can spend your free time and holidays there. Furthermore, it is possible to rent out the weekend house and thus generate additional income. Weekend houses are quite often on offer in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. There are many beautiful regions in the federal states that are very popular with the people who live there.

Farm: Out of the city

The decision to buy a farm is made by families as well as couples or singles in middle or older age, who want to change and appreciate the individual way of living in the middle of nature. We offer you farms in attractive rural locations.

Commercial property

Buying commercial property – Would you like to buy a retail business, a kebab shop, a tattoo studio, practice and law firm premises, industrial property or entire technology parks? Avoid bad investments and make the best decision from the beginning with us. Buying commercial real estate is an investment for start-ups and business owners. The company grows in the new property. Location and selection criteria are of the commercial property set the course for the future of the company.

Buy apartment house

Apartment buildings are often for sale, especially in larger cities. Buyers are usually looking for a financial investment. Large housing associations that specialise in renting out houses and apartments are also among the interested parties. Private buyers who are looking for housing for their own use rarely decide to buy an apartment building. The reason for this is that rental contracts remain valid in the event of a change of ownership.

Buy in Germany

Purchase prices and development in the most popular metropolitan areas:

Rent or buy a house?

The current property is simply too small and you decide to move. A big step with many questions arise. For many, the first question is: rent or buy? This question is not so easy to answer and many circumstances can play a role in the decision. There are many advantages and disadvantages for both alternatives but in the end you have to decide which option is the right one for your living situation.


Berlin buy & rent – The Place To Be for celebrities, politics, business, but also actors and many other public figures. As a hotspot, the capital is therefore also subject to the effects of the current real estate market. Condominiums, houses, land, everything is in demand in Berlin and is sought after by investors worldwide. So as a real estate agent there is a lot to do! To give you as a buyer, investor or tenant an insight into the city, we have compiled the most important key figures for Berlin here.


Düsseldorf buy & rent – Current asking prices for condominiums, but also the price development of Düsseldorf real estate in the last 5 and 15 years. We have prepared all new data and statistics for you. The Düsseldorf real estate market is very desirable, as you will see later, Düsseldorf is currently the city with the greatest potential for investors, followed by Frankfurt and Cologne. Above all, NRW is gaining in favour with buyers. The central, European location, fashion, culture and architecture. Our look at the Düsseldorf real estate market around land, condominiums and single-family homes.


Frankfurt buy & rent – Rents are rising, purchase prices are increasing. Should you invest in Frankfurt now or is the next real estate bubble coming? We take a detailed look at the Frankfurt real estate market. For buyers and renters, from land to new construction land to condos and single family homes. After the buyer’s tips, we have a lot of information for tenants, for example the rents on the Frankfurt housing market, but also the latest forecast on the development of private households in Hesse until 2030. For investors, not only Frankfurt is interesting, but also the surrounding area, especially because of the Brexit.


Hamburg buy & rent – condominiums, single-family homes and apartment buildings, everything is rare in Hamburg! The city is more popular than ever. Rents are rising, but also the purchase prices for land and real estate are only going in one direction, upwards. We take a look at the current figures and prices for Hamburg. Where are new properties being built, how are the districts developing and how realistic is it to find a good property without an estate agent? We also have lots of tips for tenants, rental prices for apartments, commercial properties and offices.


Cologne buy & rent – With over 1 million inhabitants, the media metropolis on the Rhine is one of the hubs in NRW, but also in Germany. With its proximity to Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, but also its relative proximity to Paris and Hamburg, Cologne is attractive. So attractive, in fact, that it now ranks second in the recommendations for capital investments in real estate, as you will see later in our evaluation. Here we give you the best tips for renting and buying in Cologne: building land, plots of land, condominiums and apartment buildings.


Munich buy & rent – Munich is the most expensive city in Germany. Prices per square metre are rising for tenants, but also for buyers. Building land, plots of land, condominiums, single-family homes and apartment buildings, the prices are rising, but also the profits for investors. We take a closer look at the Munich real estate market, financing, buying tips, but also tips for renters. Right at the beginning we start with the buyers and our view on the price development. After the overview, you will find the purchase price for newly built condominiums in Munich. From 2009 to 2019, the price per square meter for an ETW (new construction) has risen from 3,400 euros / square meter to 8,100 euros / square meter. An increase of 4,700 euros / square meter, a total of + 138.2% in just 10 years.


Stuttgart buy & rent – The metropolis in the south of Germany with car industry, high-tech and many world market leaders in the middle class. If you want to buy in Stuttgart, you need a good real estate agent, whether you want to buy building land, a plot of land, a condominium or a detached house. Especially renters have a hard time, after all Stuttgart has a high wage level. To give you an assessment, let’s take a close look at Stuttgart today.