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NFT Marketplace: The best 19 marketplaces! OpenSea, SupreRare, Binance & Co.

NFT Marketplace – Here you can find the 19 most popular marketplaces for NFTs. Collectibles, art, gaming, music, exclusive access and entry or even domains. By the way, marketplaces for NFTs are only secondary markets. The actual transaction takes place in the blockchain (mostly Ethereum). Learn all about NFT art and the instructions here, step […]

Photo theft! Pictures copied, what to do! Find stolen photos automatically – Tip

Photo theft! Pictures copied, what to do?! Search yourself or use a free online tool?! Today a picture was stolen again! Many have the problem, dealers in e-commerce, on Amazon, Ebay to photographers for fashion, products and real estate. Problem 1) How to find stolen photos on the internet? And if, follows Problem 2) Who […]

Allowances and inheritance tax: facts and tips

Inheritance tax was introduced in its current form in the German Reich as early as 1906. Since then, some things have changed, but the law is still based on the same premises. The most important of these is that inheritance is regarded as an increase in the assets of the heirs and must therefore be […]

Buy a cat – the right cat for your life situation

Buy a cat – Cats are very elegant, beautiful but also stubborn animals. They are more independent than dogs, but still integrate into the family. Cuddling or playing cats love and are therefore perfect as a pet. A cat as a pet – these breed differences exist Who would like to have a cat as […]