Asbestos is associated with costly safety regulations

Asbestos – Asbestos is a mineral fibre material that used to be frequently used in wall or ceiling cladding in buildings. As asbestos poses a high risk to health if it becomes airborne, for example during home renovation or refurbishment, it is no longer used in the construction of properties in Germany today. In the event that asbestos is to be used, strict safety regulations must be observed, which are associated with high costs. During the renovation of a building that was built with asbestos, it must not be inhabited or used.

Asbestos at a glance: Health-endangering building material

  • Mineral fibre
  • Poses a high health risk
  • Formerly installed in wall or ceiling cladding
  • Strict safety precautions for shoring today
  • High costs due to high effort
  • Property must not be used or occupied when working with asbestos

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