Division (land register) as outline

Department (land register) – The land register is composed of three departments. In section I the personal data of a person are registered. If there are several owners, they must all agree to the sale by having the purchase contract notarised. In section II, all encumbrances on the property are noted, with the exception of mortgages. In this section it can be seen whether the property in question has already been sold, which ensures that no second buyer can acquire ownership of this property. Likewise, existing residential rights are also entered here. In section III, in contrast to the previous section, the mortgages are noted. Encumbrances that have already been discharged must be indicated by being reddened or crossed out. Since the land register is a document of public faith, it is to be trusted that the information in the book is all correct.

Section (land register) at a glance: The outline of the most important data

  • Composition of three departments
  • Division I: Personal data of a person
  • Section II: Encumbrances on the property (without liens on the property), registration of existing residential rights, ensuring that there is only one buyer
  • Section III: Notation of liens on real property

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