New & Neon Lukinski Lounge Design

Congratulations to ourselves – Lounge Design! After the Knochenhauer (2011), Dean’s Nightbar (2012), Zea Bar (2013) it’s bar time again in 2014! In April we are now diligently conceiving, developing, designing, creating and implementing. In the end Cologne will be enchanted!

Jazz & Soul – Jazz originated around 1900 in the southern states of the USA. Jazz music has evolved in many different ways. New Orleans, Disieland, Cool, Bebop or Chicago Jazz. And Soul? Also strongly influenced by African-Americans, soul music developed in the 1950s from R’n’B (rhythm & blues) and gospel. Soul as a style always stood for the fight against racial segregation and for equal rights.

We combine melodic jazz elements with soul vibes. The opening will be at the beginning of summer and info can be found here!