Calendar 2020 to print out: All months and weeks as PDF (12+1 template, free of charge)

Looking for a free calendar for 2020? Now you can find the free annual and monthly calendar for the coming year. Easily save or print your calendar online. Every good real estate agency needs a calendar for the organisation and planning of individual days and weeks. A calendar is not only important for the managing director, of course every employee on a calendar should also have an overview of his appointments or customer appointments. We have been looking for a suitable calendar for some time, which we can hang in our real estate office. Since we did not find a suitable and free calendar for us on the Internet, we started designing a calendar for the entire year 2020 ourselves. Since we find it so practical and it also makes a really good figure in our office, we have decided to offer our calendar for free download.

Print your calendar for free: Annual calendar 2020

If you would like to download the entire annual calendar for the year 2020 now, we have collected all the individual monthly sheets and, of course, the overview for the year 2020 for you in this free PDF. Here you can download the PDF with a simple right-click or a click on the link. No registration is required and the download is 100% free! If you need a single month, you will find all months from January to December under the download.

  • Download: Calendar 2020 – save for free & print including 12 x monthly calendar (January-December) + 1 x year overview


New year new happiness! 2019 was a truly outstanding year for many estate agents! Real estate prices are rising, no matter whether it’s the metropolises of Hamburg, Munich and Berlin or smaller cities such as Wiesbaden, Mainz or Bingen am Rhein! Excellent times for real estate buyers and of course also for sellers. Our team also wishes you an excellent year for 2020! So that you can start your year perfectly, you will find here all the individual months, from spring, summer, autumn and winter to free download!

You can either save the images by right-clicking on the image and then pressing Save Target As. If you want to print the image directly on your printer, then right click and press print below. The graphic is already sent to your printer and you have printed your calendar for the month of January.












For many real estate agents it was another absolutely successful year! In 2020, shortly before the next Bundestag elections, many are looking back on good business. Real estate prices have risen as in previous years and as predicted. In all major metropolises from Hamburg to Munich, but also in smaller cities such as Wiesbaden and Mainz.

In the month of December, for most people it is of course about the annual accounts. With our monthly calendar for December you can optimally plan your last weeks and days shortly before the holidays come. Here you can download the month of December for free.