Residents as property owners with adjoining public areas

Abutters – Abutters are all property owners whose property borders on public land or other properties. Every adjacent owner has precisely defined obligations and rights, especially when it comes to securing and developing the property. In case of non-observance of these duties, the affected abutting owner is liable, e.g. in case of neglect of the winter clearing duty. Also very important is the right to enter or drive on an adjoining property, called right of way. In general, there are legal provisions in this respect, which may vary from municipality to municipality. However, the individual contractual provisions, which are regulated e.g. in lease, purchase or rental agreements, must also be observed. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to consult a specialist or the responsible public authority.

Abutters at a Glance: Information on securing and developing the property

  • Designation for property owners
  • Legally regulated duties and rights
  • Liability in the event of non-compliance with the obligations
  • Winter clearing obligation – the obligation to clear the sidewalks adjacent to the property of snow
  • Right of way – right to enter an adjoining property
  • Consult a specialist if the legal situation is unclear

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