Annual lock-up period of the rent increase

Annual freeze period – If the landlord wants to increase the rent, he can only demand this if the rent has been unchanged for 15 months. These 15 months are made up of the 12 months of the annual freeze period and the three months of the tenant’s cooling-off period. The annual freeze period is designed to protect tenants from a sudden rent increase. If the blocking period is disregarded, the requested rent increase becomes ineffective.

Annual freeze period at a glance: Protection against a premature rent increase

  • Can only be demanded by the landlord after 15 months
  • The 15 months consists of 12 months of the annual lock-up period and 3 months of the tenant’s reflection period
  • Protects tenants from a premature and sudden rent increase
  • In case of disregard the rent increase is ineffective

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