Own use – termination, objection & hardship cases

Own need – Every landlord has the right to terminate the lease with a notice of own need, if he himself or family members want to use the apartment. However, the notice period is designed to be tenant-friendly, must be precisely proven and there are many regulations for so-called hardship cases such as single parents or families with children. In this regard, there have been resounding rulings in favor of tenants in recent years. Also the period of notice after a change of owner of the real estate was set to the protection of the tenants on 3 years in those the new owner them not to quit can. Despite these regulations, there are always legal disputes between tenants and landlords. If you are a German living in an English-speaking city such as London and have not yet mastered the vocabulary relating to real estate, it will certainly help to know that “own requirements” is the English term for “Eigenbedarf”.

Own use at a glance

  • Cancellation of the rental contract in order to move into the apartment yourself or for family members
  • Long notice period to protect the tenant
  • Exceptions for hardship cases such as single parents or families with children
  • Own requirements in English

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