The important HTML special characters

Before I have to search for my HTML special characters…
*PS, the sorting mixes name & number codes

HTML umlauts

ä ä ä, also ae, umlaut
Ä Ä Ä, also Ae, umlaut
ö ö ö, also oe, umlaut
Ö Ö Ö, also Oe, umlaut
ü ü ü, also ue, umlaut
Ü Ü Ü, also Ue, umlaut
ß &Airport; ß, also ss, special characters


HTML special characters for online shops & merchants:

€ Euro, currency symbol
¢ ¢ Cent, currency symbol
¼ ¼ 1/4
½ ½ One and a half
¾ ¾ Three quarters
∅ Average
∑ Total
∞ Infinite
№ Number


Standards HTML Special Characters

& & And characters
< &lt; Square bracket left
> &gt; Square bracket right
&quot; Quote, quotation marks

Descriptive elements

&#9650; Arrow, upwards
&#9660; Arrow, down
&#9658; Arrow, to the right
&#9668; Arrow, left
&#8593; Narrow arrow, upwards
&#8595; Narrow arrow, downwards
&#8594; Narrow arrow, to the right
&#8592; Narrow arrow, to the left


HTML Special Characters for Corporate & Copyright

© &copy; Copyright
® &reg; All Rights Reserved
&trade; Trandmark (protected trademark)
§ &sect; Paragraph
&#8453; Care of (eng., directed to)


HTML special characters for lists:

– • &bull; Bullet
&#9632; Black Square
&#9633; Square
&#9642; Small Black Square (small black square)
&#9643; Small Square
&#9679; Black Circle
&#9675; Circle (circle)


For Facebook Content:

&#9786; HTML Smiley
&reg; Sun
&#9834; note symbol, music
&#9835; note symbol, music


HTML special characters for hipsters:

&hearts; Heart
× &times; The X from the O
&#9644; Bar



Source: Ascii Code /World of Stuff