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Fixed-term deposits – term, interest and planning

Fixed-term deposit – The term fixed-term deposit refers to a financial investment that is tied to a specific term. You agree this term with your bank in advance. Periods of between twelve months and six years are common. The term is the most important distinguishing feature between fixed-term deposits and overnight money. While you can […]

Alternative loans and comparisons

Alternative loans – When you took out your property finance a few years ago, you tied yourself down to a long period of interest rate security. But in recent years, the debit interest rates for construction loans are noticeably healthy, making your construction financing unnecessarily expensive and unattractive. With a real estate loan under 10 […]

Repayment calculator – rates, interest and repayment

Repayment calculator – How much does it cost to build a house? When will all debts be paid off? Here you can calculate free of charge how long you will need to repay your loan or financing for building a house. Here you come back to the main page: Calculator Repayment calculator: credit, loan, installments […]

Online Marketing San Francisco: Agency for SEO, Social Media & Co.

The Online Marketing Managers for San Francicso / USA! We stand by your side in digital marketing as renowned advertising partners with good tips in building your marketing plan and of course in activating new customers. Our agency supports companies for strong online campaigns and distribution within the channels. The mobile web and the digital […]