Loans: Debt contract, Loan Interest & Advances

Loan – By definition, a loan is a debt contract in which the lender provides the borrower with money or an item of property temporarily and the borrower then repays the value provided plus the agreed loan interest. Compared to a loan, a loan usually involves a larger volume of money and is granted for […]

Joint Venture (Real Estate) – What to Know, Ownership, Laws + More

Joint ventures and real estate sales? In the case of a joint venture, several persons are jointly entitled to rights. That means, they all have co-ownership after jointly investing in real estate. Typical examples of joint ventures are the classic single-family home or the shared condominium. This means that each person has a notional share […]

Mortgage interest rates: Development, building interest rates & calculator free of charge

Mortgage interest – The term mortgage interest is replaced today by the term construction interest. The construction interest rates, or mortgage interest rates decide whether a construction financing is cheap or expensive. Due to the current historically low construction interest rates, you can finance your property very favorably and secure an advantage that has a […]

When is an energy certificate required for the sale of a house?

With an energy certificate you have a document which evaluates a building energetically. In Germany, the issuance and use of an energy certificate is regulated in the Energy Saving Ordinance. When is there an obligation to present an energy certificate? Property owners who wish to sell their property must present an energy certificate at the […]

Newly built apartments – What to consider? Costs and procedure

New housing is predominantly built in larger cities and in structurally strong regions. In the countryside and away from the large cities, the construction boom in terms of new-build apartments is much lower. Newly built flats can be offered for rent or for sale. They vary in size, amenities and location. New-build apartments are very […]

Renovation of old buildings: costs, conditions, tips & laws + monument protection

Renovating old buildings – Old buildings are very popular because of their unique structure. Large rooms with high windows and old wooden doors, which may creak a little when opening and closing, represent a traditional way of life. Many of the buildings are more than one hundred years old. A renovation can give the apartments […]