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Parents old, sell property (house/apartment)? Tips for children and grandchildren + 2 alternatives

Selling property – The house is getting too big, the second floor is hardly used and maintenance costs are also a burden. Perhaps the condominium is also on the fourth, fifth floor – without an elevator. Here are tips for children and grandchildren! What to do when mom and dad, grandma or grandpa get older? […]

Partial sale providers in comparison! House, apartment, land + partial purchase test winner

Partial sale provider – Big house, big apartment, but “little money to live”? This partial sale provider comparison saves you 1-2 hours of searching, calculating and “understanding differences”. Here you will learn about all the major providers, their costs, fees and the test winner. “Wertfaktor”, “Hausanker”, “Engel & Völkers”, “Wertkauf”, “Hausvorsorge”, “Heimkapital” or even “Deutsche […]