Advertising agency for real estate agents: Online marketing, SEO & construction sign – avoid mistakes

Advertising agency for real estate agents – digital marketing, advertising in social networks, your own website, your own real estate portfolio management: many technical terms, little time. In the area of modern formats around search engines, social networks, websites and portals, there are many aspects for real estate agents to consider. The media mix is […]

SEO & Photoshop – Duplicate Stock Photos! Cheap and free: Video Tutorial

SEO and Photoshop don’t belong together for many, but you can (as I show in the video) collect new customers by Google image search. The whole thing, practically free of charge. The problem: Stock photos are legally secure (if purchased with license), but expensive. Alternatives like Unsplash are free but not legally secure because the […]

Best real estate agent website: Website & web design instead of an advertising agency

Your own website? For many real estate agents this sounds like a lot of effort or even an expensive advertising agency. There are many (almost) free alternatives that you can use to build your own online presence for your real estate listings. This includes, for example, content management systems such as WordPress but also providers […]