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Buying and renting: Investing in housing – Part 1: Valuing and buying property

Buying and renting: Investing in housing – new construction (as in the visualised cover picture [example property Berlin]) or direct purchase of a property. Many people opt for owner-occupation, but wouldn’t renting be a much smarter alternative (keyword 1: old-age provision; keyword 2: tenant pays redemption)? In this article I summarize some of the experiences […]

Fireplace & stove: models, price, decoration, heating – Modern living

A fireplace provides relaxation, a sense of well-being and warmth. Therefore, it is not surprising that fireplaces and other stoves are at the top of the wish list of builders, because heating with wood is popular. Especially on cold days there is nothing better than to snuggle up in front of a crackling fireplace bursting […]

Current construction interest rates: comparison, development, calculator & real estate financing

Building interest rates – For several years, the building interest rates are stable low. But which trend will the building interest development follow and is it worthwhile to fix a long debit interest commitment now and to protect yourself from a possible interest rate increase? Or do the construction interest rates continue to fall and […]

Request a financing offer: Real estate, apartment and house purchase + construction financing

Financing offer – How do you find the right financing offer for a house, apartment or apartment building? Tailor-made financing for the purchase of real estate is based on an offer determined personally for you. Requests for conditions or financing Would you like to enquire about your conditions first, or do you want to receive […]