Partition deed

Partition agreement – If a partition agreement is adopted, the co-owners of a property declare to the land registry that they wish to divide the property they own into co-ownership shares. This creates special or part ownership, which is allocated to the individual co-owners after the property has been divided. The co-ownership that existed until then is completely cancelled by the division in the land register. The objectives of the partition contract are to determine the co-ownership shares, the purpose of use of the individual premises and which rooms are in special ownership and which parts of the building are in common ownership.

Partition agreement at a glance: Establishment of the condominium through the contract

2 owners and one wants to sell. The first question on everyone’s mind when dealing with this issue is “Can I sell my share of the house?” or “Can the other co-owner sell his/her share of the house or land?”. Common questions are:

  • What is meant by co-ownership share?
  • Who owns the house?
  • Can you sell co-ownership?
  • What is meant by a declaration of division?

These are the most important things you need to know about the partition agreement first:

  • Co-owners of a property declare that they wish to divide the property owned by them into co-ownership shares
  • The special or partial ownership thus created shall be allocated to the co-owners after the subdivision
  • The co-ownership still existing to date is cancelled by the division
  • Objectives of the partition agreement: The determination of the co-ownership shares, the determination of the purpose of use of the rooms and which parts are in the individual ownership and which are in the common ownership.

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